Event Information ❖ Monthly Karaoke Event ❖

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What’s more fun than hosting a Karaoke Event? The music, the fun and not to mention the enjoyment of being surrounded by all the users of the community when they try their hand at singing some of the hardest and most popular songs you can imagine. The main fun of this karaoke event is getting to take the spotlight and belt out your favorite song lyrics. Maybe you can sing well, maybe you sound like a drowning dog, it doesn’t matter. It is all about having a blast and singing like no one is listening.

❖ When will the event be hosted?
Every last Friday of the month, we will be...

Update Informative Minigame Update Information

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Hello, players of JartexNetwork!

A while ago we announced the planned update of our Minigame servers and the direction we would like to go to with the current state of these games. If you haven't read the post, you can read it here (click). This post contains a few of the features we have in mind, and some extra general information.

Today I can finally share even more information about one of the biggest updates so far, the Minigame update. The development is still going, and with our new developers Hipppo Hipppo & DelfinoSquare DelfinoSquare we can even create many more features for this upcoming update. This post is meant to keep the community updated with what we're doing behind the scenes, and to gather feedback to adjust the...

Update Informative Factions - We need your help!

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Within this post, we would like to talk about Factions on JartexNetwork.

Especially ideas for the future of Factions. We have multiple ideas, but we would like to know what you guys come up with.

So we are now taking all player feedback and suggestions for factions so that we can develop something that the community would like to see.
You can use this thread to discuss anything with other people in our community that you think would be beneficial. But please be descriptive when giving feedback.

Some ideas we/you have

  • Allow schematic and printer?
  • Update auctionhouse
  • Mobhoppers
  • Chatchannels...

Update SkyBlock Dream - Update Post

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Hello, players of JartexNetwork!

Recently we announced the reset of our SkyBlock Dream server, if you haven't read about the upcoming reset, make sure to check out this (click) post first. This post contains all of the information about the reset.

This reset will happen this Saturday (June 2, 2018) we are expecting the release around 8 PM.
Please note: The release time can be a couple of minutes later, we are trying to reach 8 pm.


VoteTop Top Voters | May 2018

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We congratulate the voters below for their support:

- First: el_profesor el_profesor (283 votes) - €55 JartexNetwork Gift Card
- Second: JustCortex JustCortex (262 votes) - €45 JartexNetwork Gift Card
- Third: (261 votes) - €35 JartexNetwork Gift Card
- Fourth: @Keyu (244 votes)- €25 JartexNetwork Gift Card.
- Fifth: J Jhvnghir (224...

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