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Reporting Players

If you ever encounter any player who is not complying, or breaking our Network's rules, you may report them at any time. In order to report them, you may go to our 'Player Reports' sub-forum, and select a category according to the rule the player broke.

Reporting Bugs/Issues

If you were to encounter a bug and/or issue within any of JartexNetwork's platforms/game-modes, we encourage you to report these bugs to us, this way we can ensure we provide you and other players the proper gameplay experience.

Do you have a good suggestion?

We like to hear your suggestions, as these often help us improve the Network's gamemodes. If you consider that you have a suggestion worthy of being pointed out, don't hesitate! The suggestion(s) you submit are visible for the JartexNetwork community, therefore other users are able to comment on your suggestion. If your suggestion were to get accepted, you would also be given some of our Gold currency in-game! With this currency, you are able to purchase items from the store.

Payment Issues

If you ever face an issue regarding a payment you have done, such as a rank purchase, you must submit a 'Payment Issue Form', this way we get to be aware of the issue and help you fix it. Always make sure to keep the transaction ID's you receive after purchasing an item from our Store.

Having any other concerns?

If you were to have any other concerns for which responses aren't listed in this page, you may always contact us at any time regarding your question/concern, we'll be glad to look into it, although, please ensure that this question/concern isn't already responded within our Network's guides.

Contact Email: [email protected]