GiveAway Giveaway Winners

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Hello, players of JartexNetwork

It's finally time to announce to the winners of the survey giveaway event we started two weeks ago.
Thank you all for your help with filling out this survey. It ended up being pretty successful, in our opinion. There ended up being around 1500 unique participates filling in this survey for us.
This, of course, gives us an idea of some changes that have to be made in the future. Your comments on this survey did enable us to see how we're doing overall and find out how we can improve.

Now I know that everyone is here because he or she wants want to know who the winners are! Well, let's not make it a longer story than it already is.

Giveaway Winners

#1 -...​

GiveAway VoteTop Razer Gear and €2000 worth of gift-cards giveaway?!

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Hello, players of JartexNetwork

We want to to thank you guys, the community for playing here on Jartex by doing a giveaway! So here we're proud to announce some new giveaways!

We will be giving away 20, €100 JartexNetwork Giftcards! Your task is very simple to enter this gift card giveaway. Simply answer a short survey that we have created, this survey will help us understand what you, the community want us to focus on.
It will only take a few minutes to complete the following feedback questionnaire. But if you look at the prizes you can win is it definitely worth 5 minutes of your time. ;)
Your comments on this survey will enable us to see how we're doing overall and find out how we can improve.


Informative EggWars Public Beta

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Hello, players of JartexNetwork!

A while ago we announced the planned update of our Minigame servers and the direction we would like to go to with the current state of these games. If you haven't read the post, you can read it here (click). This post contains a few of the features we have in mind, and some extra general information.
Today we're announcing one of our first Public Betas, for the reworked version of EggWars!

We have been working on a whole new version of EggWars, and the final goal is in sight. To help us finalize EggWars completely we decided...

Competition Gang Top - Results

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The prison gang top contest has come to an end after 120 days, and the winners have been decided!

We will be giving out your prizes shortly. We hope you enjoy them. For everyone else, thanks for participating in our Gang Top Competition to get a spot on the gang top. Even though there are only three winners, so let's get straight to the winners!

Competition Winners

First Place: Bleh ($276.18 Trillion Gang Value)

Gang Members;
  • Flaming_Chicken Flaming_Chicken :rene:
  • Silent_MC Silent_MC
  • hello2248 hello2248
  • Viclyn_ Viclyn_
  • egeng55 egeng55 ...

VoteTop Top Voters | June 2018

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We congratulate the voters below for their support:

- First: MoudTage MoudTage (294 votes) - €55 JartexNetwork Gift Card
- Second: fightfire fightfire (283 votes) - €45 JartexNetwork Gift Card
- Third: Blue_Thunder_ Blue_Thunder_ (282 votes) - €35 JartexNetwork Gift Card
- Fourth: pogiikaw pogiikaw (282 votes)- €25 JartexNetwork Gift Card.
- Fifth: K Keyu (269 votes) - €15 JartexNetwork Gift Card.
- Sixth: Eldon2 Eldon2 (224 votes) - €10 JartexNetwork Gift Card...

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