Update Skyblock Fantasy - Reset | October the 20TH 2018

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Hello, players of JartexNetwork,

After a (very) long time, our Skyblock Fantasy server will finally receive an updated to a refreshed reset with a brand new world and some exciting new changes!
Moving into the reset of skyblock fantasy there are tons of changes (new features too!), so make sure you read over the changelogs (read below).

While we were anticipating to have the update done earlier, is it clear to us now that there is just too much to take into consideration and to do within a couple of days. (Bear in mind that we have real-life jobs!) We have decided to take our time (somewhat) and ensure we develop a great quality server for all of you to begin your new journeys on. We are really excited about the latest additions to the server and the possibilities that this...

VoteTop September - Top Voters

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We congratulate the voters below for their support:

- First: D Damandaman123456 (268 votes) - €55 JartexNetwork Gift Card
- Second: K3dzi0r K3dzi0r (264 votes) - €45 JartexNetwork Gift Card
- Third: I _IDounaa (264 votes) - €35 JartexNetwork Gift Card
- Fourth: RH123 RH123 (262votes)- €25 JartexNetwork Gift Card.
- Fifth: R Realpogiikaw (261 votes) - €15 JartexNetwork Gift Card.
- Sixth: ChronicOrder ChronicOrder (247 votes) - €10 JartexNetwork Gift Card.
- Seventh...

Competition FactionTop - Results

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The faction top contest has come to an end after 90 days, and the winners have been decided!

We will be giving out your prizes shortly. We hope you enjoy them.
For everyone else, thanks for participating in our Faction Top Competition to get a spot on the faction top. Even though there are only three winners, so let's get straight to the winners!

Competition Winners

First Place: JewControl ($2,546,084,200 Faction Value)
  • 92x Villager Spawner
  • 491x Creeper Spawner
  • 164x Blaze Spawner
  • 119x Iron Golem Spawner
  • 8941x Hopper
  • And more.
They have won €350,- PayPal Money, €450 Store...

Update Kitpvp - Reset

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Glad to announce today a list of changes that are being made with a new 'Kitpvp reset' and a '50% global sale' that comes with this new update!

After almost a year and almost no updates for this server, did we finaly update our kitpvp server. A brand new updated and reworked kitpvp with lots of things changed and tweaked.
We have updated it to something diffrent, something more up to date with current other kitpvp servers. We have created this new map with the inspiration from an HCF kitmap.

Those new updates are being released Today (September 4, 2018)

Some Features;

  • Brand new kitpvp spawn
  • Added settings menu
  • Completly redid all crates
  • Updated server performance
  • Updated...


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Congratulations to all the winners! We'll be giving out your prizes shortly. We hope you enjoy them. For everyone else, thanks for participating in the Competition. Even though there is only 1 real winner.

And that is..... HowDoIPlayNoodle HowDoIPlayNoodle with a total of 284 votes , Congratulations

We will contact you and we will be giving out your Razer Headset, Keyboard or Mouse as soon as we receive your information.

Below are the other winners who won an store voucher for this month!

We congratulate the voters below for their support:

First: HowDoIPlayNoodle HowDoIPlayNoodle (284 votes) - A Razer Headset, Keyboard or Mouse...

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