I'm done playing jartex network, i mean logging in jartex network.


Jun 2, 2019
I registered a account on Jartex network LONG AGO, and i didn't play it for a while. I forgot the password and i post two thread on password reset. All my threads got denied because it is the wrong IP address. I changed my computer long ago when i registered my password. It was too slow on my old computer so i changed another one faster. Now, I forgot the password and the IP too, I can't post another thread about password resetting because IP not same as the IP i logged in last time i played. Last time I played the server is on my old computer, that's why my posts got denied. I can't join the network without password, I can't play the server. I'm done with it, I'm leaving the server since i can't remember my password or change my password. Goodbye guys...


Great Reporter
Great Reporter
Aug 8, 2019
If you can prove that the account is yours then you can ofc get it back. Staff need verification of the owner.
Blaming jartex won't help you.


Great Reporter
Great Reporter
Aug 27, 2017
Does the account have ranks on it? Because if not you can just play on a diff account?