guide to how to pvp a little bit better

Jul 12, 2019
I just wanted to help out some people as I noticed that I out pvp a lot of people so I made a list of tips to help people get better at pvp.
1: Strafe: Strafing is so much more important than it seems as it helps you combo people and not get combo'd out of oblivion.
2: ctrl sprint: This is so important. I used to be trash at pvp until I learned to control sprint. Control sprinting allows you to not top running when you get hit which changes everything. I undertand that some people may not be able to do it and for that I say that you just need to find a keyboard that fits you.
3: speed pots are also very helpful and make it seem like you have reach. They allow you to combo super easily if the opponent doesn't have speed.
4: Learn how to snowball/fishing rod. This is important as you play higher tier players because a lot of them do it. This allows you to get the first hit and combo them to oblivion.
5: if your o a edge don't jump for combos as it will increase your knockback.
I hope you guys learned a thing or two and I thank you guys for reading this. Pvp on!!!


Dec 1, 2019
Thank you for your tips :)
Oct 28, 2019
Hello there! I just want to thank you for the tip! I'm sure it will help other people too.