Guide to finding Hackers and what type.

Sep 20, 2018
Learning Types Of Hackers in Kitpvp.
Mr. I Don't Care.

A person that just shows off their hacks and don't give a crap about Staffs watching them. Resolution: Try making them ragequit with better KITS.

Mr. Anonymous.
A person that is very careful about what they use and does care if staffs are watching them. Resolution: Be friends with them and try to tell them to use their hacks.

Changing Genders.
Ok. I know this is wrong but it is true. Most hackers in the whole world are Male, just take a look at how many people get banned in JartexNetwork. (most are males) So they change they genders to "Innocent little Alex or Girl skins" Resolution: Expose them :\

LOL. The Retarded hackers are hackers that use their hacks so much that, when they try to tell people they don't hack even though they obviously are, they forget to turn off their Kill Aura and Anti KB. Resolution: Just Screen record them.
Most (((Common))) Hacks that you can find visually.
Kill Aura.

So kill aura is very common in Kitpvp. to actually spot them you can see them hitting people at the same time and heads are twisting. Another way to tell is seeing them eating gaps/drinking pots and hitting you at the same time.

Anti KB. (Knock Back)
Anti KB is VERY easy to spot visually. You can find them by hitting them continuously and not getting knocked back and forth.

people flying like its creative all over again.

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Some that you just can't spot (((Common)))

very hard to spot and can't be found visually

Hit Boxes.
Boxes that form around your Avatar. but can be mistaken by this command f3+b

(If I forget something comment down below)

I hope this helps a lot. If not, please DM me in Discord [Zaxor1234Brother#9840]