Update Informative Factions - We need your help!

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Jul 27, 2016
i disagree with /f fly as it makes buying spartan+ or fly worthless
/warp grind would make spawners worthless only used for value
Special sets make pvp more enjoyable so sets dont late ages because when pvp lasts ages it just becomes who has more gapples or pots
no clear lag means the server will lag, causing problems with fps rates, /trade is a plug-in for a reason.
unclaimed vaults or farms are the main part of factions, without them factions = skyblock
if the rank rarity changes so you get a rank/ command in crates more often, people will /buy less and also the server will be full of ranked players and everyone will have access to /fly and other pvp related commands such as; regen /fury /rage.
I do agree that ultra keys are very trash but making every key better ruins the economy like you can buy /nick command for 200k before free money was a thing, but jartex charge $10 for it, thats when the economy become ruined and jartex is no longer fun


Mar 8, 2019
Add more gapps, cuz with all debuff and slowdown ce's it's not worth it being PotPVP season and so if gapps are added u can add some disarmor 5, not high probability for it to activate, or just buff Lifesteal 5 and don't add disarmor 5 just for PotPVP, it's up to yall!

Anyways, Looking forward to the next season.

Just like _Vault_Tec said, bring back repairer in combat but it can be limited = 50k XP available to repair, Hulk III has resistance 3 into it so no one dies easy so just replace hulk III with some str II Custom enchantment.

Or just remove all debuff ce's on this server and doubledamage and just make it best for PotPVP, not something i recommend but most of other players who played factions in premiums would recommend it but for me I think it's worth grinding and working hard for a gset instead of regular p4 which anyone can make really easily.

If we want to bring back Hulk III, we would need to remove hardened 4 because fights will last way too long, so i prefer Strength II Custom enchantment over hulk III or get Hulk IV in but with resistance II because you will receive same amount of damage being hit by it compared to Strength II PVP just maybe 10% more.

But as for most of Norskate's faction, they want PotPVP so idk how it will turn out, Good luck!
DOnt bring your skyblovk ideas over here we don’t want that shit


Jul 23, 2018
Im playing Jartex for 4 season and its really like booring now. Im playing factions realm and everytime beggining of games sucks becouse there is no apporx. way you can start game, every season things like shop etc. are staying the same and its really bad. Price from shop didnt even change for 4 seasons. You should upgrade things to make ppl love to play on this server. That is NEW price list for shop and thing what is IMPORTANT on beggining of game that is Sugar Cane or Cactus. You should add auto sell Hoes and when ppl afk to grow farm from 1 Chunk to 2 Chunks. 2nd thing is Cactus chest 1 million and ppl should buy it trought ur store. There is 1 more thing that is God Keys/Ultra keys, becouse there is bad loot over there (Armor prot. 3 or 4) in god key chest and ultra wtf is that. That is my opinion becouse ppl are going to other server and playing becouse u make this server p2win and there is only 1 Clan/Faction who is winning 5 seasons in a row and they will be always on top becouse u gave them money to do it.
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