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Dec 23, 2018
Add the ability to prevent members placing ceggs in claimed land in /f perms, it allows people to inside without it showing on /f inspect


Great Reporter
Great Reporter
Aug 27, 2017
Add the ability to prevent members placing ceggs in claimed land in /f perms, it allows people to inside without it showing on /f inspect
As much as I agree with you that the /f perms need to offer more control, this wouldn't ever be implemented, as it would be too hard to code in. Also if someone really wanted to inside they could simply leave the faction and then place the ceggs as a player no longer in the faction.


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Jan 22, 2019
Even tho this map isn't over yet their are plenty of changes that can be made to overall Improve the experience for the factions players of jartex.

First things first, bugs, this map has seen its fair share of bugs, we know you guy's are working hard to fix the bugs this map AND the staff team cannot fix bugs without them being reported by PLAYERS (do your part too) but the main ones that need fixing are
  • Tp Bug (when you tp to your home, f home,warps in other worlds u get tpd back to the last spot u died/tpd to)
  • Mystery Spawners Crates (they dont work in general, u cant open them to give u spawners)
  • String (One of the more recent ones string doesn't stop enderpearls and this effects the servers trap pvp)
  • /wild in combat (u can use the command /wild in combat to get out of traps etc, even tho its bannable for bug abuse people still do it)
  • Custom Enchants (A majority of the custome enchantments dont work this map, more on this later in the
  • /withdraw (Needs to be re added into the game)

These are not the only bugs on the server without a doubt but to me these are the main ones (and i may have forgot some idk) that need work.

Secondly Pvp
This map we had the introduction of Special Sets, they let you deal more or take less damage. Personally i loved this addition, its a bit more dynamic and it gives a wide variety of help for players.They however are OP, Versace and Santa sets more specifically, you cannot use prot 4 or even gkit god becouse of the how fast they break and how much damage you take, +25 and +30 is insane and they for sure need to be Nerfed.

My opinions for the new % Are as Follows:
  • Adidas- This set needs a minimal buff, not that much but very minimal i would say Deals +10% and you receive -15% damage.
  • Gucci- Personally i find this set to be the most balanced one out of them all, its not too overpowered and is good enough that players go the extra mile to obtain a set to use. This set should still do +20% damage.
  • Santa- One of the more op sets, I believe the damage should be Nerfed from 25% to 15% more damage done and -10% damage taken
  • Versace- This, this set is just too overpowered in the damage department, i believe it should do +20% dealt and -15% damage taken
  • Bape- Bape should be -25% damage taken. Keep it is a tank only set not effecting how much damage you do.
  • Armani- I have not see a single person use this set this map, its rlly bad, the buff it gives is +30% bow damage and ppl prefer to deal more damage with their sword or take less damage. The change for this im suggesting is for it to deal a special +15% damage done and -15% taken to allies and faction members within a chunk radius. This effect however will NOT apply to anyone wearing a special set themselves, meaning it will not stack with lets say Versace to deal +30 damage.
I believe these changes will balance pvp a bit more and make it possible to pvp in prot 4 and gkit god but still being good enough that players will go the extra mile to obtain these sets and use them.

Thirdly Spawners/Raiding

This map what we saw occur very often was people placing spawners right before f top payout and re-mining them after. This really effects raiding overall which is a critical part of the gamemode, I believe spawner durability should be readded back BUT spawners regen power once a every 48 hrs of them being placed , ALSO you cannot mine spawners when enemies are near you like this map so it makes it possible to, move bases if needed, force raid factions, and bring back raiding to he server. Also spawners must be placed 24 hrs before the f top payout. Im not exactly the best person to be talking about cannoning for that its better to hear from Henzen one of the best cannoners on jartex.

New items Improving the map stated above:
  • Crop Hoppers- I would like to see this be Implemented for early map farming.
  • New CE- I like the ce's jartex has, it makes it a very special compared to other cracked servers, i however do not believe we need MORE, what we need is for the current ones to work as we have seen majority not working this map.
  • More f perms and missions- the current set we have atm are very nice and i like them, what they need is to be fixed, some of them are bugged and cannot be completed (missions) and the permissions need to be fixed. E.g their is a perms that disable the use of levers by enemies but enemies can still use the levers even if the permission is on (making it so they cant use)
Random Comments:
  • Ultra crates- Ultra crates this map is really bad , they cost almost 4 euros each, it is no where near worth to buy them if you keep getting the usual prot 3 gear or 10k xp.
  • Invsee- When you invsee a player add the players name beside their where it says invantory. E.g Inventory of Raiding101
  • Gkit Revamp- Alot of the gkits are good but some of the original gkits need revamps. We have progressed as a server since then and we cannot leave these gkits behind! they must progress with us. e.g Gkit raider, its only prot 5 gear and 2 c eggs, personally i /trash it since u cant use prot 5 gear but i was thinking of maybe the older gkits becomming progressive as in a. u have a way to level them up (this is to be decided, maybe the more u use the gkit the better it gets or maybe leveling it up via ingame cash, if this is the case it mute be on the higher end because at the end of the day it is a gkit).
  • Bows- Bows, more specifically web shooter needs to be nerfed, its annoying getting constantly cob webbed, the good side to this is that people started to use bows again which we love to see but its a bit too excessive, i believe a small nerf would be the sweet spot where bows will be usable and not annoying.
  • Koth- Koths are half broken atm its nothing huge since it can easly be fixed so i added it in this section.
For everyone saying More events, i can assure u i am working hard on planning events for the next faction map to help the community interact more and make the map overall more enjoyable, these events will not be insane like one event per week but i will do my best to overall make these events balanced. They will not only be cannon events as i know we all are not great at cannoning.

These are just OPINIONS i have on how to IMPROVE the server because i personally love playing here as a whole and just want to see it. Hope everyone agrees with me and if you have anything to add Hit me up! :D
I fucking agree with this! nice one Raiding!


Mar 18, 2018
Give the maximum number of players in faction. I think 10 is enought and it will be more fair.
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