Update Prison - Reset | July The 3rd 2021

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Mar 4, 2021
Let's go my Suggestion about tokens auction house will be implemented now gg


Mar 4, 2021
Goodluck everyone and have fun this season. Won't be tryharding/playing this season because there are no payouts unfortunately.

- MidazG
Really? You'll still grind hard tho you gonna sell some picks again lol


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Aug 15, 2018
Very cool ideas and improvements have been made. It bugs me that due to competition and payouts being off this season people don't want to "main" it at all which really makes me sad but good luck and have fun to those who will actually play


May 30, 2021

Prison - JartexNetwork 2021
July 3rd 2021, 18:00 GMT / 14:00 EST / 13:00 CST / 12:00 MT / 11:00 PST

Hello, dear JartexNetwork players!

The Prison reset has finally arrived, and it is bringing you all some new and quite awesome features to enjoy throughout this season.

We noticed multiple different aspects of the gamemode which could’ve been improved, therefore we made sure to make the changes necessary to improve your experience on the gamemode, these changes being re-balances of some of the previously existing features, as well as brand new additions and modifications. More details regarding the new features/improvements can be found at the bottom of the page, so make sure to keep on reading!

We have also made sure to implement a few of the features some members of the community submitted throughout the previous season, features that will definitely have an impact on the total progress you'll be able to make this season.

We happily and proudly announce that the official new Prison season will be launching on Saturday, July 3rd, 2021.

Saturday July 3rd 2021
18:00 GMT / 14:00 EST / 13:00 CST / 12:00 MT / 11:00 PST

Please note:
The release time can be a couple of minutes later, we are trying to reach 8 PM CET.


🎉 Giveaways
Would you like to give this new season a boosted start? With a free rank and/or free store coupons? Awesome! We are running an Instagram and Twitter give-away for free ranks and store credits, make sure to get yourself involved!​
🕰️ End of the world
To celebrate the end of the season, we will be hosting an end of season event. At around 4 days before the release, we will be placing reset signs at spawn which you can click and claim a number of rewards; Free items, Free gkits, Millions of in-game money, Tons of free experience to level up your overpowered armor. Everyone will be able to finish their rankups because you can get everything for free. You can fight with everyone without the fear of losing your gear you have weeks to gather. So clearly this is the event everyone should participate in! Hop on prison and have fun!​

💼 Changelog
Here is the list of the changes made for this reset. I highly suggest you give a good read over all of these to make sure you are familiar with the most recent updates and are not missing out on important details.​
🏛️ New! Spawn
Just how we like to give every season a brand new fresh sense, we are going to be implementing a Protest-Themed map for this season. You will be able to fight other players inside the police station located near the spawn point. We've also made sure to add tons of new NPC's that show you all of the features.​
🔮 New! Custom Enchantments
We once again will also be introducing 4 brand new prestige enchantments, meaning you must reach a certain prestige in order to unlock them, these new enchantments are the following:​
  • Beacon finder - Gives you a chance to find beacons, this is a prestige enchantment.
  • Gem booster - It will lower the number of blocks needed to find a gembox.
  • Ores booster - Better chance of finding Rubies, Sapphires, and Opals.
  • Drill Hammer - Makes a cone shaped drill hole
📦 New! Loot Boxes
As everyone knows, Prison is all about mining. Mining blocks, selling those blocks and making your way through all the ranks and prestiges.​
As a little reward for all the hard work you put you will now have a chance to find loot boxes whilst mining. More specifically, every 6500 raw blocks you mine. Those loot boxes provide you with some helpful and nice rewards.​
A prize will be revealed right after opening these boxes. This should help make mining more thrilling and enjoyable.​
You will be able to find the following Loot Boxes per 6500 raw blocks mined:​
  • Common Loot Box - 60% chance
  • Rare Loot Box - 30% chance
  • Epic Loot Box - 5% chance
  • Legendary Loot Box - 3% chance
  • Mythic Loot Box - 2% chance

    Common Loot Box - Tokens, Cash, Auto Miner Time, Rare Keys, Mystery Bomb Box, Thug Rank, and more...
    Rare Loot Box - Tokens, Cash, Auto Miner Time, Money Booster, Token Booster, Rare Keys, Crystals, God Keys, Criminal Rank, and more...
    Epic Loot Box - Tokens, Cash, Auto Miner Time, Money Booster, Token Booster, Rare keys, Crystals, Ultimate Gem, Rare Pet Egg, God Keys, and more...
    Legendary Loot Box - Tokens, Cash, Auto Miner Time, Money Booster, Token Booster, Rare keys, Ultra Keys, Legendary Gem, Epic Pet Egg, lunatic Rank, and more...
    Mythic Loot Box - Tokens, Cash, Money Booster, Token Booster, Crystals, Rare keys, Ultra Keys, Legendary Pet Egg, 1 Seasonal Key, lunatic Rank, and more.
💸 New! Jackpot System
With this new feature, you will be able to use it for two different currencies. You can either use money, or tokens to buy its respective ticket type. You must place your bet, and once a total of 2 players are participating on the Jackpot, a 5 minutes countdown will begin and a random winner will be selected.​
📊 New! Tablist Modification
We have given the tablist a brand new look for this game-mode! Instead of displaying the name of 80+ players, you will not be able to see the really useful information regarding your overall gameplay statistics within the game-mode. This information will be as reachable as you clicking the tab button to see it, and some of the visible statistics are the following:​
  • Blocks broken.
  • Raw blocks broken.
  • Multiplier.
  • Gang info.
  • Beacons.
  • Tokens spend.
  • Autominer time.
  • And more...
💎 New! Gems Dust
Don't you hate it when you finally find a gembox, you open it and find a gem with only a small % chance of being applied? This season you can now improve this and make your gems have a better % of being applied.​
The dust will be split into 4 tiers, just like the gems. Common, rare, ultimate, and legendary. Tinkerer the legendary gem and receive legendary gem dust, click it and receive a % chance that you can apply to another legendary gem to increase its apply chance.​
  • Mystery Common Gem dust - Turns into either Common dust or ruined dust.
  • Mystery Rare Gem dust- Turns into either Rare dust or ruined dust.
  • Mystery Ultimate gem dust - Turns into either Ultimate dust or ruined dust.
  • Mystery Legendary gem dust - Turns into either Legendary dust or ruined dust.
🛡️ New! Gang Prestiges
This season we have decided to add Gang Prestiges to help you out even more! You can prestige your Gang by putting in the effort of mining raw blocks! Help out your inmates by taking your Gang to the next level! Introducing Gang Prestiges, now you can mine Raw Blocks, Prestige your Gang, and get buffs you wished to have before.Here is how you can achieve the Prestige ;
  • Prestige 1 : 1,000,000 Raw Blocks Mined (Whole Gang)
  • Prestige 2 : 2,500,000 Raw Blocks Mined (Whole Gang)
  • Prestige 3 : 5,000,000 Raw Blocks Mined (Whole Gang)
  • Prestige 4 : 10,000,000 Raw Blocks Mined (Whole Gang)
  • Prestige 5 : 15,000,000 Raw Blocks Mined (Whole Gang)
🤺 New! Crystal Enchantments
As PvP became a big thing this season with the requirement of beacons from the PvPmine, why not improve the PvP also this season?! This is why we decided to add a couple of basic armor enchantments that you are able to purchase. This will help you, and make you even stronger within the PvPmines, helping you to get those beacons. You will be able to purchase those crystal enchantments with crystals from the /enchanter.
- Nutrition; Weapon - Feeds you as you hit someone
- Glowing; Helmet - Provides you with Night Vision
- Headless; Weapon - Gives you the player's head after their death
- Thor; Weapon - Strikes a Lightning against your opponent
- Burn Shield; Armor - Gives you Fire Resistance
- Voodoo; Armor - Gives Weakness to your opponent
- Freeze; Armor - Freezes your opponent
- Life Steal; Weapon - Steals hearts from your opponents
- Leadership; Chestplate - Deals more damage when allies are around
- Clarity; Helmet - Immune to Blindness
- Gears; Boots - Provides you with extra speed

⛏️ Updated! Autominer
We have given the Autominer function multiple improvements this season. Starting from making things a bit easier for you all, to adding new features and upgrades to it. These upgrades were made to make sure you can get a better experience and a better taste by putting the auto miners to work. The upgrades are the following:​
Multiple Autominers
Having one auto miner doing all your mining work is already amazing but what if you could have two, or even more? This season you will be able to unlock multiple autominers, so this way you can have multiple miners running through the mines for you and have them do all your prison mining work!​
Custom Autominer Skins
Currently, when you spawn your autominer it will have the same skin as you do, this season we will make it a little more interesting, and can you change your autominer's skin. Each skin has its own extra abilities to make your autominer even better!​
  • Sonic skin - Your NPC moves with speed through the mines.
  • Pikachu skin - Mines with random lightning strikes that mine the blocks for you
  • Avatar skin - Spawns tornadoes that mine blocks for you.
  • Spiderman skin - Shoots webs through the mines that mine blocks for you.
Autominer Pickaxe Enchanting Upgrade
A major update and improvement were made to the enchantments system the previous season. It used to be quite time-consuming to upgrade your pickaxe's level by thousands every time your balance allowed you to do so, though this was no longer an issue in the past season.
However, you still had to go through this process for your autominer. We have updated the autominer pickaxe enchanting, therefore you are now able to upgrade your items by x1, x5, x100, and as many tokens as you are able to spend.
🧨 Updated! Bombs
Bombs were not really worth it, to make bombs a bit more interesting this season we give them an update.​
Whenever you throw a bomb within a mine, it will auto sell the blocks, and will it not go into your inventory or backpack.​
We also fixed that you are also no longer able to throw bombs at the spawn, but only inside the mines.​

🌟 Updated! Beacons
As you probably know, on the last map we introduced beacons as a brand new currency to prestige. As a negative side effect of this, the PvPmine got filled with people trying to get beacons and not everyone did like this. This is why we have decided to change the beacon gathering this season, we will introduce a couple of more ways to get extra beacons.​
The PvPmine will receive a little increase in the % of beacons, and the PvPmine will keep being the best way to get beacons but you can also find beacons through:​
  • Prestige mines, which received a small % of giving you beacons.
  • A beacon enchantment was added with a chance to find beacons for you.
📝 Updated! Help Menu
The help menu received an update and will be highly more useful this season. The menu has been updated and will provide you with even more information and details to help you with all the amazing features we offer in prison. Make sure you read every single piece of information carefully, as you wouldn't want to miss an important detail that could potentially help you throughout the season.
💰 Updated! Auction House
Due to people performing a vast amount of trades in exchange for tokens, we've decided to implement the tokens into the auction house, meaning you are now able to sell and purchase items on the auction house for tokens! This will also increase the overall flow of the tokens this new season, so make sure to get yours ready.​
📬 Misc. Updates & Changes
Multiple small changes have been made, some of these small changes are the following:​
  • Updated all plugins.​
  • Leaderboards updated so you can click through weekly, monthly, and lifetime tops.​
  • New seasonal pet added.
  • Fixed keyfinder gems from crates not giving the correct level.
  • Added shortcut commands for mine suits you can now use /suits /suit.
  • Fixed selling items within mine p500.
  • Cleaned up all the mines, removed flying pets, random enchantment ghost/frisbees, and bombs.
  • Fixed multiplier <user> so it displays the user's multiplier instead of your own.
  • Fixed typo within coinflip.
  • Added a new setting, with this setting can you disable any particle/special effects from pickaxe enchantments.
  • Fixed the rawblock count not being saved on server reboot.
  • Updated invsee. Murderers and above can now use invsee to also see armor.
  • You can no longer place the heads from minesuits.
  • Changed the gang shop back to the old style.
  • Updated the anticheat, it should be less glitchy, and no longer provide random kicks within the mines.
  • Added a cell setting to disable fly and pickaxe effects.
  • Updated and reworked the treasure Gkit.
  • Increased Gang Value Mine Points to 1T.
And more...​


📬 Question and Answers
Why does prison reset?
Prison is already up for some time. A reset has to happen to change and improve with lots of excellent new features, to make the game more exciting for you all! This then allows you players to have a fresh start and new players can begin to play without any significant disadvantage.
This means all cells, items, money and the map will be reset. Nothing will be kept leftover from the previous map. Of course, all purchases will be reissued so nobody will be out of pocket in that regard. I know this must be a disappointing revelation for a lot of you, but think about the exciting new changes, the new alliances you can forge, the new map, the new features and updates the different kinds of gameplay, and style is provided with this update will surely make it a worth-while and exciting reset!​
Below you can find what you will lose and one for what you will keep​
What will I lose?
  • Your cells.
  • All items in your inventory and ender chest.
  • Any currencies such as money and exp
  • Chatcolor permissions.
  • Seasonal ranks and perks.
  • Prestiges.
What will I keep?
  • Purchased Ranks & Rank Upgrades.
  • Purchased Perks.
  • Won out of crates commands/ranks.


Too much information? Ready to play Jartex?!
Log onto and just select your game mode and PLAY!

If you have feedback or any suggestion, let us know we'd love to make this as good as we can.
Thank you
Thank you for the great service you offer to your crowd. Thank you again​

Goodluck everyone and have fun this season. Won't be tryharding/playing this season because there are no payouts unfortunately.

- MidazG
Oh why there are no payouts


Feb 9, 2021
Never thought people were interested on monetary gain than fun in minecraft. Enjoy the game and dont worry on payouts
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