Update Factions - Reset | April The 6TH 2019

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Factions - JartexNetwork 2019

April 6nd 2019, 18:00 GMT / 14:00 EST / 13:00 CST / 12:00 MT / 11:00 PST

Hello, players of JartexNetwork,

The time has finally arrived! I am excited to be able to announce today that Factions will reset officially!

As this update focuses on the core concept of Factions, we’ve changed some features and rules which impact the gamemode. This includes; changes to the setup, lots of bug fixes and changes to improve the balance between new and experienced players.

For this reset we’ve once again listened to the community, we hope that your suggestions/ideas/or bug reports are now fixed and or added within this reset.
Let's not make it longer and go straight to the details since that's what people are interested in.

It's with great pleasure that we can announce that this all will be...​

VoteTop Top Voters | March 2019

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We congratulate the voters below for their support:

First: K Keyu (217 votes) - €55 JartexNetwork Gift Card
Second: @oss (200 votes) - €45 JartexNetwork Gift Card
Third: K KingGandalf (197 votes) - €35 JartexNetwork Gift Card
Fourth: RH123 RH123 (196 votes)- €25 JartexNetwork Gift Card.
Fifth: Lord_Wysym_II Lord_Wysym_II (190 votes) - €15 JartexNetwork Gift Card.
Sixth: K KillerFish11 (183 votes) €10 JartexNetwork Gift Card.
Seventh: S spathizilla (182 votes) - €5 JartexNetwork...

Competition Skyblock Dream - IslandTop Results | March the 24TH 2019

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The island top contest has come to an end after 90 days, and the winners have been decided!

We will be giving out your prizes shortly. We hope you enjoy them.
For everyone else, thanks for participating in our Island Top Competition to get a spot on the island top. Even though there are only 3 winners, so let's get straight to the winners!

Competition Winners

First Place: natty_sword natty_sword ($156,839,100,000 Island Value)

Island Items;
  • 16534x Villager Spawner
  • 1064x Blaze Spawner
  • 3214x Ghast Spawner
  • And much more.
They have won $250,- PayPal Money, $250 Store Giftcard.

Second Place: ChronicOrder ChronicOrder ($97,576,032,500 Island Value)...

Competition Factions - FactionTop Results | March the 15TH 2019

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The faction top contest has come to an end after 90 days, and the winners have been decided!

The way this season ended was pure garbage, things for sure will change next season so that this will not happen again. New rules will be made, and the calculation will also change.
The logs have all been checked, and the decision for the outcome has now be made, (and won't be changed anymore) everyone should be happy with what they got.

A little tip for next map if you like to talk about splitting up your faction and talk shit about us that we won't do anything about it because we don't care, then don't do it faction chat.

For everyone else, thanks for participating in our Faction Top Competition to get a spot on the faction top. Even though there are only three winners, so let's get straight to the winners...

Update Informative Factions - We need your help!

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Within this post, we would like to talk about Factions on JartexNetwork.

Especially ideas for the future of Factions. We have multiple ideas, but we would like to know what you guys come up with.

So we are now taking all player feedback and suggestions for factions so that we can develop something that the community would like to see.
You can use this thread to discuss anything with other people in our community that you think would be beneficial. But please be descriptive when giving feedback.

Some ideas we/you have
  • Mobhoppers and crop hoppers
  • New custom enchantments
  • New factions missions
  • More /f perms options
  • Bringing back spawner durability?
  • Spawner...

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