What happens when noob die to hacker or legit(pro) player


Staff member
Oct 28, 2019
What will the noobs do when they die to a hacker or legit(pro) player?

1.) After they die to a hacker or legit(pro) player, they decided to take revenge by reporting? NO, by hacking on them and getting themself ban instead of the actual hacker.

2.) They will go to the forum and false report legit(pro) for reach, why? Because they have high for. And spam report as well.

3.)They will go to discord #main-chat to say "OmG this server is trash so many hackers and probably say in mind stupid staff doesn't even do their jobs or #assistance-chat to complain and spam tag staff saying " Staff hurry, there is a hacker!" When staff come and say, this, "they aren't hacking;-;(probably not all staff will say this)

4.) Apply for staff just so they can punish hacker and not help other player.

note: no hard feeling, only saying the truth, please don't be mad at me staff and player UwU


Nov 9, 2017
Noob stands for new player, often I feel people forget this. Their reactions can vary based on circumstances, however I’d like to think a new player has as much a mind to be a decent person as anyone else. I believe the correct term for the people you described above are halfwits. Unfortunately, they exist. I’m sorry.