Update Skyblock Fantasy - Reset | October the 20TH 2018

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May 2, 2016

Hello, players of JartexNetwork,

After a (very) long time, our Skyblock Fantasy server will finally receive an updated to a refreshed reset with a brand new world and some exciting new changes!
Moving into the reset of skyblock fantasy there are tons of changes (new features too!), so make sure you read over the changelogs (read below).

While we were anticipating to have the update done earlier, is it clear to us now that there is just too much to take into consideration and to do within a couple of days. (Bear in mind that we have real-life jobs!) We have decided to take our time (somewhat) and ensure we develop a great quality server for all of you to begin your new journeys on. We are really excited about the latest additions to the server and the possibilities that this reset will present!

It's with great pleasure that we can announce that this all will be released this Saturday (October 20, 2018) we are expecting the release around 8 PM.
Please note:
The release time can be a couple of minutes later, we are trying to reach 8 PM

If you do encounter any bugs or any issues be sure to make a bug report as we shall be closely looking at that section to fix things as soon as possible on the new reset!

Island Top Rewards
This new and upcoming skyblock fantasy comes of course with a brand new Island top competition.
For this season reset we’ll be changing up how we distribute IslandTop rewards! Instead of one large sum of money for the winner at the end of the season, we’ll be splitting it up into several prizes over the lifetime of the season. This should increase competition throughout the entirety of the season rather than allow the winning island to be the only people left competing after the first week or two. This way, multiple islands can win over the course of the season, and competition will stay fresh! ( At least we hope)

We hope that with implementing a few new additions (spawner levels, island upgrades) into the new server the island top competition will become more fun, and the people with real skyblock survival skills will compete.

Every 2 weeks Rewards: #1, #2, & #3
  • First Place
    • $75 Store Gift Card
  • Second Place
    • $50 Store Gift Card
  • Third Place
    • $20 Store Gift Card
End of the Season Reward:
  • First Place
    • $250 PayPal Money + $250 Store Gift Card
  • Second Place
    • $100 PayPal Money + $150 Store Gift Card
  • Third Place
    • $150 Store Gift Card
The end of the season rewards will be paid out after 90 days of the release!

Please note: We’ll update the Island-Top contest rule sometime in the coming days in the rules page itself to make more clear that for future resets you will not be allowed to split or merge islands before ANY of the Island-Top payouts.

There may be additions to this over the next few days, or there may be things we've forgotten to add.
So, let's not make it longer and go straight to what we have updated:

  • NEW! Builds
    • The new map will feature a brand new spawn!
    • New warps and NPCs around spawn for easy access
  • UPDATED! Economy
    • New shop GUI - /shop
    • New spawner shop with levels /spawnershop
    • You can no longer purchase gold, diamond, emerald blocks for island top wealth.
  • NEW! Spawner rankup system
    • Before did you only purchase the best spawners on the server and only focused on this spawner, this will however no longer be possible! You have to unlock each spawner before you can purchase the next spawner type, so you have to grind every spawner! You think you have the skill to unlock all spawners? And become the first island with all spawner tiers.
    • You can rank up to the next spawner level by typing /rankup
  • NEW! Special armor sets
    • Special set`s give perks to people who obtain the entire set!
  • UPDATED! Crates
    • New and amazing rewards
    • Added rarity`s
    • Completely redone
  • UPDATED! Island Top Leader Board
    • /is top now displays more information
    • Island top block wealth will be based on the shop prices
    • New updating and calculating system
  • NEW! Settings menu
    • Toggle on and off settings you prefer
    • New options
  • NEW! Updated Transfer Shop
    • /transfer will now automatically with new items each other day.
    • There will be specially limited time rewards only available for a day.
  • UPDATED! Island Controlpanel
    • Updated changed and added new features to our island control panel
  • NEW! Island Upgrades
    • alias /is upgrade or /is upgrades
    • New Island upgrades added - /is upgrade:
      • Island Size
        • Increase the size of your island
      • Island Members
        • Increase the size of your island members
      • Island Homes
        • Increase your island homes
      • Hopper Limit
        • Increase the number of hoppers on your island
      • Spawner Boost
        • Increase the number of mobs spawning on your island
      • Crop growth speed
        • Increase the crop growth speed
  • UPDATED! Aesthetic Changes
    • We've worked on a bunch of aesthetic changes to things such as a new spawn, messages, vouchers, scoreboard, and announcements. In general, we've made things a bit more easy to understand and read, and made things look a bit more modern.
  • BUG FIX! Movement Glitch
    • You will no longer glitch back into blocks when running.
  • NEW! Store Items
    • On release, the store will feature new items, bundles and reset packs as well as a 50% sale
  • UPDATED! Supply Crates
    • These are 20 chests that will spawn around spawn in the warzone every 2 hours.
    • You can find lots of like cash, spawners, crate keys, consumables and more!
    • You can use /drops time to check when the next supply crate will run
  • NEW! Masks
    • More information will follow.
  • NEW! Spawner tiers
    • We added spawners you haven't seen before on JartexNetwork those new spawners also got brand new drops!
    • Ghast spawners
    • Wither spawners
    • Join to find out all!
  • UPDATED! AuctionHouse
    • Added a filter to sort items by lowest/highest price, or by newest/oldest listings.
    • Added a category filter to filter out items you're looking for.
  • UPDATED! Sellwands
    • These wands are purchasable from buycraft, and obtainable in game through crates & transfer. They provide easy access to selling all contents inside of a chest.
  • NEW! CropHoppers
    • To save room per chunk, and improve massively on hopper lag, croppers now officially replace normal Hoppers. Buy these in our GUI shop, allowing just 1 hopper to collect everything in the chunk that it's placed on.
  • NEW! Brains
    • A brand new currency what will buy you some great and special items.
  • BUG FIX! Teleporting Glitch
    • You will no longer die while teleporting onto beds/chests/blocks that aren't full block height.
  • Misc Changes
    • NEW! Drop Packages
    • ItemFilter
    • NEW! Key all vouchers
    • Changed mobcoin & head drop rates
    • UPDATED! scoreboard
    • NEW! Network bundles
    • Fly at spawn for everyone
    • UPDATED! monthly crates
    • NEW! Mystery Crates
    • Certain crate rewards will now be broadcasted
    • NEW! Lootboxes
    • BUG FIX! Fixed some basic formatting issues with chat
    • UPDATED! New vote party reward
    • /stats {username} command
    • NEW! Boosters
    • Fixed TPS issue relating to pistons
    • Island borders
    • NEW! Mystery books
    • New /colors command added to view all available color codes
    • Fixed slow mining bug while flying
    • Chestshop toggle improved - /cstoggle
    • Customized party help command
    • BUG FIX! Slime split event
    • NEW! gkits
    • Hopper Transfer rate has been increased
    • Stacked Spawners should now have faster rates
    • UPDATED! Warp gui
    • NEW! Spawner cases
    • Mysterious Fossils, Sapphires and reef.
    • NEW! Playervault upgrades
    • Added XP & mobcoins to the scoreboard
    • NEW! Sumo arena
    • Falling out of spawn will teleport you back to spawn
    • UPDATED! Baltop
    • New /events command added to view all available events
    • Now when donating, your package should arrive within the first 5 seconds
And much more. . .

This is only a few of the additions we will be implementing into the new server. You'll need to play to find out more! Stay tuned for some upcoming Sales. Soon to be announced!
That's about it from our end, and a big thanks to you all for being so patient!

Questions & Answers
Q: What will be kept after the reset?
A:Purchased ranks from our store, gkits , Purchase or won out of crates commands/ranks

Q: What will be lost with the reset?
Cash, Islands, Items

Q: Why did skyblock reset?
A: Skyblock just needed a reset, it wasn't updated for months. So to make skyblock great again was a reset required. So here it is a fresh new skyblock with updates!

This means all Islands, items, money and the map will be reset. Nothing will be kept leftover from the previous map. Of course, all purchases will be reissued so nobody will be out of pocket in that regard. I know this must be a disappointing revelation for a lot of you, but think about the exciting new changes, the new alliances you can forge, the new map, the new features and updates the different kind of gameplay and style being provided with this update will surely make it a worth-while and exciting reset!

Too much information? Ready to play Jartex?!
Log onto and just select your gamemode and PLAY!

If you have feedback or any suggestion, let us know we'd love to make this as good as we can.

Voodootje0, Gunfire


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Sep 21, 2017
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