Important SkyBlock Dream - We need your help!

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May 2, 2016

Within this post, we would like to talk about SkyblockDream on JartexNetwork.

So it will no longer be a secret anymore. We started working on an upcoming reset for skyblockdream, and we are now looking for your opinions on the update we are planning!
So to make this skyblockdream reset the best we can, do we need your guys help!

So comment your suggestion/ideas on this post to help us!

Please give examples where necessary, AND if you have any screenshots for your suggestion, please provide them. It would be interesting to see them. Also, any reasons why you prefer something would be appreciated. Maybe we can implement some of your ideas into Skyblock Dream!

Some ideas you/we have

  • Island upgrades?
  • New customenchantments
  • Redo the customenchantments
  • Rebalanced Economy
  • King of the hill?

Do you Agree or Disagree with those ideas let us know!

Please note: If something is wrong with the current skyblockdream let us also know so we can fix them before this update.
Please note: Do not ask when this reset will happen we do also not know, we still have to work on the suggestions you guys come up with. So for more information, make sure you're keeping an eye on the forums!

You can use this thread to discuss anything with other people in our community that you think would be beneficial. But please be descriptive when giving feedback.

Please note: stick to the topic! Any off-topic comments will be deleted.
Please note: Do not ask when this reset/update will happen we do also not know, we still have to work on the server. So for more information, make sure you're keeping an eye on the forums!

Questions & Answers

Q: When will this reset happen?
A: We currently have no date set, we will try our best have it online fast as possible. But this can take a couple of days since we still have to add all your suggestions.
Q: Why does skyblockdream reset.
A: Skyblockdream is already up for some time. A reset has to happen to change and improve with lots of excellent new features, to make the game more exciting for you all! This then allows you players to have a fresh start and new players can begin to play without any significant disadvantage.

Q: What will happen to the current skyblockdream server?
A: It will still stay online until this reset is entirely done and ready to play.

If you have feedback or any suggestion, let us know we'd love to make this as good as we can.

The JartexNetwork Staff Team
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Jun 4, 2016
I suggest adding pets :3
Jan 19, 2017
#6 Spawner placing! All about coinflips and why they make players rich quickly and unfairly. Nerf Resistance to level 2 or remove hulk next season because it's easy game and it makes pvp broke. Improve mob loots. Make PVP long lasting because short lasting is not skill.
All my suggestions have been reviewed a lot but have been forgotten so I would like you to make decision over it, Thanks.
Nov 26, 2016
Crop Hoppers: Crop Hoppers will collect all the crops in 1 Chuck.

Chunk Afk: This will allow you to Afk more than 1 thing in a chunk making it more efficient than placing 5 alts around your island.

No afk timer: This will allow players to Afk all night without being kicked unless reboot.

A Warp Pvp just like factions but bigger(SBD): This will allow more pvp in a bigger space which will overall inprove the pvp on jartex and theamount of it.

Mob Hoppers: This will make a lot less lag on the server by making mobs instead of being in a stack dieing in lava or something rather dieing in 1 stack into a hopper.


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Jan 29, 2018


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Great Reporter
Dec 14, 2017
I suggest you to add commands to the shop so u can buy them but expansive , so you can know its price ;p


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Jan 29, 2018
I suggest ye add some form of /sellhand ;v
Sep 21, 2016
1) A sign that automatically sells items in a chest in a certain time (for example every 30 seconds). You dont have to have large storage anymore, so less hopper -> less lagg. the sign is like a shop but then it sells the items themselves. The sign can only sell 1 different item.

2) a bot that automatically mined for you. So you can, for example, rely on cobblestone or other items that you get. You can also upgrade it so that the bot mined much faster or you give the fortune so you get more drops.

3) If you mine a spawner now.
then your exp is lost. maybe this can change by giving your exp back or partially returned.

4) If the island owner can choose who can break spawners and who does not then there would be much less scam :)

5) The settings are not all working now, it would be nice if the next skyblock would work.

6) Skylords have about as many or as many commands than skygod, but for skygod you pay a lot more so it would be nice if you have more commands if you are a skygod.

Thank you for reading. I know I still make a lot of grammar mistakes, sorry. I hope there are a few things in the next skyblock. I am already very excited!!!


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Sep 26, 2016
Rework the /shop and add CLAY and maybe some new spawners. I would suggest /sell all and /sell hand commands because it would be very helpful to clean out massive profit shops. About the economy...nerf the EXP cost of the spawners' update and pick up a better price for the crops.


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Nov 15, 2016
We would like to see the new updates!!


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Feb 24, 2017
Hello there, Skyblock Dream's upcoming reset will definitely need to address some balances. Along with balances, it requires more content to continue to fuel the large player base. I have balance suggestions, along with some new content suggestions that may be able to improve gameplay. Let's begin.

Rebalance Suggestions:

- Coinflip should have a tax to prevent people from making a high income solely from coinflip

- Nerfing GKits or putting a timer on them to prevent people from becoming rich too quick being pay to win (Example: New Years GKit)

- Buffing certain key prizes, such as the Ultimate/God Key's money prize

- Rebalancing certain PvP enchantments to make PvP lengthier so people can actually display their skill instead of reaction speed

- Rebalancing enchantment costs to where Immortal Books cost a lot more, and also possibly Mythical Books to cost slightly more

- Replacing spawners should be rebalanced to where they cost less experience since some people who don't have the Inquisitive Enchantment find it hard to move spawners

- Certain farming item sell prices should be increased, so beginners can have an easier experience getting spawners

- Balancing out all spawners to where people don't use only one spawner to make money

- Buffing envoys, and possibly adding tiers of crates, as most people that have played the game for a decent amount of time, do not attend envoys anymore

- Rebalancing mob coins as to where most prices aren't outrageous to people who are beginners

- Making sell wands purchasable through some means other than paying to win

Addition Suggestions:

- Adding Skyblock Bosses that allow you to use your gear to fight more than just other players, which does get boring after a while.
These bosses could be unique and have custom drops that give players rewards for their skills. These bosses would have to be made
to where they are actually challenging. These bosses could have a cooldown after being killed, or just have a cooldown for players who already
attempted to fight the boss. I believe this suggestion would make Skyblock Dream stand out more and add a nice new perspective of PvE.

- Adding EXP boosters similar to Prison's boosters, that allow for double EXP in that duration of time. These boosters would not only support the server but also make grinding much more efficient for everyone.

- Adding more Immortal Enchantments. As of right now, there aren't that many Immortal Enchantments, it would be great to see a larger variety of obtainable enchantments in that category.

- Adding island coop permissions that island leaders can change. Such as whether or not you want cooped people to be able to mine spawners or place blocks.

Finally, I would like to address given suggestions.

- Island Upgrades ~ Possibly, depending on what they are, then maybe.

- New Custom Enchantments ~ Definitely, more enchants would never hurt, especially add more Immortal Enchantments.

- Redo the Custom Enchantments ~ To be honest, I'm not 100% sure what you mean by redo, however, if you mean to rebalance the prices of books, then that would be appropriate.

- Rebalanced Economy ~ There are many ways in which the economy could be rebalanced, depending on what you rebalance I am neutral.

- King Of The Hill (KOTH) ~ I do not believe KOTH is appropriate for Skyblock Dream, so I will have to disagree with that. I would like for Skyblock to remain as PvE as possible.

That is it, for now, I may add further suggestions in this post or another post. Please take your time developing the upcoming reset so we could have a nice bug free environment to enjoy. Thanks for your time ~ egeng55


Jan 30, 2017
Can't wait for it! HYPE!
I like all of the ideas you are saying but the king of hill ehh not really liking it maybe koth or something.

And as neca said add. /sellchest or pet so it's better to sell loot!
Love skyblock dream aka still miss Skyblock forgotten
And please take the ship off the warp pvp for not beast pc's it makes lag and pvp not fun.So please sbd pvp players say that's true not lying right?
Apr 28, 2018
I'd say reduce/remove chances of getting ranked kits from ultra/god keys. It's mostly what you get from them therefore making them pretty much useless. Can't wait for the reset! HYPEEE!
Djim Djim I agree with u on the ship in warp pvp thing
Oct 15, 2016
The confirm page of profit shop is annoying you guys should add if we can disable it.
1 st Saves more time
2nd there are already prices on the sign so why a confirm page .
Counter- What if there is a sign behind lava and I click on it?!
Answer- Since my suggestion is base on what you like, you can disable it/ enable it.
Add a special exp/money booster base on ur rank. So people wants ranks and jartex makes more money!
For money and exp booster.
Skydonor 1.05x
Skyvip 1.10x
Sky warrior 1.15x
Sky champ 1.20x
Skylord 1.25x
Skygod 1.40x because it cost a lot from skylord to skygod than sky champ to skylord.
Money booster being when selling stuff on shop you get more money than usually.
Exp booster being when grinding you get more mcmmo exp not the actually exp.
Nerf The exp needed for upgrading spawners as what Yoguan said.
Plz don’t add gkit timing because you guys recently went from I think 3 days to a week for gkit spawners plz don’t add more maybe add on gkit new year its too op.
Maybe for every week if ur island value is 1st you win prizes and 2nd and 3rd.
Add /sell chests (radius) - can be buy online for at least 100 eur.
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Jul 19, 2017
1. Remove the Chest shop confirmation page(huge waste of time)
2. Allow Ranked players be able to /ah more than 3 items at one time(perhaps 4 or 5 depending on the player's rank)
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