Important Prison - We need your help!

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Apr 12, 2017
id like to suggest

o Backpacks

o Buyable kits (But its so expensive)

o Gang

o Guards at cell (DESIGN :D)

o Gang Arena (FOR GANG FIGHT)

o every 10 mins riddle (every 10 mins the riddle will pop in chat EX. The first person press the word
SENTECE win The prize is Random or EX. The First Person Who Spelled this correctly wins FREIPIHDSN. Answer Friendship)

o Quest (Ex. Collect 2x coal, 54x Irons, 12x Diamonds. and your choice for the prize)

o Change the other swords to Knives

o Scrolls?

Thats all i got :D >D
No thanks for buyable kits. Because if you can just buy kits randomly what’s the point for ranks?


Jan 20, 2018
Hi , I agree with all but i add some ideas and some thing that i want :

The same prison with the changes and not a total reset with pick in wood or smth like that because all the prison that i quit is for this reason,
- A warp free maybe ??
- Why not a little bit easier but with infinite prestige , each prestige you get 0.1 multiplier more, and maybe all the 2 or 5 prestiges gain a special rank who is just colored and good (not with features just a colored rank or smth)
- More "good" reward in crate because the rankup crate are just , useless
- And add only features for more addictives gameplay , because im stuck at V now and its like impossible to rank up so i loose all my addictions here.


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Jul 10, 2017
This is very late, but I have 2 suggestions in mind.

1) I would like a feature that adds "Private Mines" in your own plot. Maybe you can pay for it or donor ranks are allowed to have them.

2) The Jartex Lottery in the Prisons server should be worth more than it is now. We can only get from 10m - 30m from these lotteries, if we win, so players do not see the point of participating in the lotteries.

I hope the reset is going well and I hope to get on the new server as soon as possible! :)


Jan 20, 2018
I want the reset but don't do a reset like lol look now its a real prison you need to mine for 1 years to get B with a wood pick. Stay as op as it is now please..


Apr 16, 2017
My suggestions are:

  • Playervaults
2 playervaults for normal players
It should look like this:

-/pv 1- will lead you to the first playervault
-/pv 2- will lead you to the second playervault

Other stuff:
-Each playervault has 3 rows

  • Daily rewards
I haven't decided what will be the rewards but this is how I think it should look like this:

-Green: a reward that's ready to be collected
-Red- locked reward, after taking a reward, the next reward will be ready in 24 hours
-Red(redblock)- you can only take a reward once, after that, it will show
a redblock above it, means that you cannot receive it again(until you got every single reward- it will reset or
if you lose the(reward) streak- it will also reset)

Will lead you to the daily reward page where you can claim your daily reward, pressing on the nether star will give you the reward

Other stuff:
-Day 1:
-Day 2:

-After getting the first daily reward, you'll get the next daily reward in 24 hours
If you lose the streak, it will reset and you'll start again with the first reward
If you got the last reward, it will reset and you'll get the first reward again in 24 hours

-The last reward will be the most valuable reward

-(If this suggestion will get accepted)A new NPC at spawn, it will be the daily reward NPC

-Anyways, I think that this feature will encourage players to enter everyday(and not just for the daily reward)

  • Missions
I haven't decided what will be the missions but it should look like this:
Page 1:

Green stained glass: pressing on it will take you to page 2
Orange stained glass: pressing on it will take you back to page 1

Gray: missions that you've to complete
Green: Missions that you've completed

-/missions: will lead you to the first missions page

Other stuff:
-Every row can be about 1 subject
Examples: PvP, mining, and more

  • Transfer menu
I saw the transfer menu on Skyblock Dream and thought that it could be a good idea for prison!
I have not yet decided what the price of each item will be, but the money will be players' heads

-Tokens: 250 tokens, 500 tokens, 750 tokens, 1000 tokens
-Orange Dye- kill counter
-Dandelion yellow- block counter
-Keys: rare crate key, ultra crate key, pickaxe crate key, god crate key
-Prismarine Shard: Immortal scroll
-Pickaxe: Omnitool scroll
-Feather: /fly command
-Anvil: /fix command
-Papers: Criminal rank, BlackHat rank

Heads-coins(the place to transfer your head into coins):

-1 stack(16 heads)= 1 coin
-2 stack(32 heads)= 2 coin
-3 stack(48 heads)= 3 coin
-4 stack(64 heads)= 4 coin
-5 stack(80 heads)= 5 coin

-/heads: will lead you to the place where you can transfer all your heads for coins
Pressing on the redblock will lead you to the transfer menu
The sunflower shows the number of coins you have
-/transfer: will lead you to the place where you can spend your coins on items
Pressing on the head will lead you to the place where you can transfer all your heads for coins
The sunflower shows the number of coins you have

-/whithdrawcoin [Number]
This command will make a banknote of coins(not normal money)
(right-click to redeem the banknote)

-/coins- this command will show you the number of coins you have
(The only problem with it is: players might get confused with coins and normal coins, which may lead to a new tactic of scamming, to prevent this thing from happening, a coin banknote will not looks like a paper, I think it should look like this:)

Other stuff:
-The max amount of heads per stack is 16 heads

-Anyways, I think that this feature will encourage
players to PvP instead of mining and mining

Other suggestions I offer:

  • Remove the PvP mine and the maze from the PvP arena(useless)
  • Remove horse egg and mooshroom(useless)
  • Remove /ah(useless)
  • Remove the lottery(useless)
  • (if adding a larger warzone will get accepted)Add a supply crate event- 20 crates will spawn inside the PvP arena every hour
  • Make a bigger spawn
  • separate the spawn and the shop(/shop will lead you to a different arena
That's all for now
I will check out other suggestions made by players and give my opinion about them :)
You say remove mushroom/horse eggs they are useless there actually not because how would u obtain leather without them?


Jul 18, 2017
FINALLY, this took ages to happen and I am so excited, so I was thinking for some suggestions a long time ago and I tried to find the most matched for this Prison.

  • Add more prestiges levels, yes, some times there may not be a lot of prestiges but remember new reset new players, more addicted players. There is a point that when you reach Prestige 5 there is nothing else to do, just try yo destroy the economy .
  • New mines, probably something for prestiges again, I mean a 0.1 sell multiplier is good but wouldn't it be better if we had mines as well?
  • Add new bombs or just remove the old ones; As many of us know, bombs are kinda becoming useless in a point that we just sell them or throw them away. I think it would be better to add new ones more efficient and more useful for us.
  • Add more blocks in the shop. A lot of players don't like mining and play prison mostly to build plots or shops.
  • Bring those good old plot shops back. Who here remembers the old shops? Probably only true og's, so let me explain. So basically a long time ago, before the too op custom enchants, it was kinda hard to rankup by the warps sellers so you usually tried to find good shops.
  • Make it a little bit less op, yes I know a lot of people will disagree with this one but it would make prison more fun. Adding a lot of things just makes it more complicated, try to keep it simple but will nice new features.
Those are the ones I thought for now but wait for more ideas.
Anyways I, think the ideas you already added will be good for this prison.

P.S the only thing we used cells was to get heads :p
I agree with this. He should add /bounty too :D


Jul 18, 2017
Add in /gang so you can create a gang and fight other people and maybe a gang top depending on balance? idk some ideas of mine that came up.
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