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Should Jihad be Punished and what should be the punishment?

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Great Reporter
Great Reporter
Aug 27, 2017
Hello there, as you know I'm BabbyXD, one of the leaders in Jihad.

First of all let me address your mentioning of how staff didn't know about this until you brought it up. That is completely false. We have 3 staff members in our faction (Raiding101, Flappix, and Ninjakiller12345) and we never hid our automated cactus selling to them. Also to substantiate this, I will include below some screenshots of /f inspect on some of the hoppers in our modified collection system, which show that Mex himself knew about this long before you did.
As you can see from the screenshots, the owner himself knew about this since April 13th, and I built the hopper/dropper system on April 12th (the screenshots show that I placed the hoppers/droppers on the 12th of april). So when you say we've had this system in place since the beginning, you're hugely mistaken. Mex knew about this only 1 day after we started it (he's a smart cookie).

You talk about how we somehow managed to bypass the GUI captcha, but for your information, this was only added in AFTER we started autoselling. The plugin of spamming /shop causing an antibot GUI to pop up is because of us. A first captcha GUI was added a few days after we started, which we managed to bypass. However the new GUI (screenshot under for reference) which was added only 1 or 2 days ago, we have not been able to bypass.

The most important however remains. Should this be allowed? Probably not. Scripting IS a talent, however it does stray into the realm of unfair advantage, as the average minecraft player doesn't know about this. If Mex declares this to be punishable, then by all means we (Jihad) will respect that decision and stop.

Thanks for reading our response.
(Also F.Y.I Mex deleted the balances ($$) of our bots, so you should feel some remorse in that).
Aug 11, 2018
You dumb retard,even without bots we ran everyone from the server,noone can beat us so no point of complaining,come and raid us then talk
Jan 19, 2017
If There's no punishment about using macros to sell shit or no macros rules then who knows if they can use it or not, + they already won the map and new cactus selling system is shit, you basically break 5 chests and when you sell them at /shop the AFK grinding menu pops up.
Jul 11, 2016
cry more because you can't hang on a cracked server lmaooo
Mar 10, 2019
I'd call corrupted staff if they stay quite about it.
Feb 4, 2018
What I don't understand is why we should be punished. Everything we have done has been perfectly legal and no rules have been broken.
Jan 19, 2017
Look at them, tryna get you guys unclaimed cuz they can't split ahahah, deadass memes
Aug 9, 2018
you people have been worthless since the first day i met you, your only talent is sweeping under the rug all the exploits and cheats you've done. and despite that, i've known every single one of your slimeball movements for 2 years now. both times i complained about them i got banned for doing so ROFL. just shows how much admins care and are in coots with these guys.

no one ever donate or play on this server if you know what's good for you and the people around you

cry more because you can't hang on a cracked server lmaooo
trust me

you don't need a server to hang, just a noose