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Jun 23, 2019
Hello players of JartexNetwork!

This is my staff introduction for anyone who doesn't know me.

Me username is ItchyDanger49. I became a member of this amazing server some months ago, on August. A friend of mine told me about Jartex and I just loved the server. After a while, I realised that Jartex has more platforms other than the minecraft server so I created a forums account and I joined the discord server where I made quite a few friends. After a while, I decided to apply for staff and see how it goes. Luckily, my application got accepted a month after I made it by Wrath and my staff career started on 29 of September. Surprisingly, after some time I got the rank that I have right now, JrMod. I spend most of my time on bedwars, skywars, practice and factions. Thanks to France (and especially to Arrydzn Arrydzn ) for teaching me how to play factions. I also like stalking hackers and giving them the ban hammer (that was kinda cringe but whatever) .

Thanks for reading and have a nice rest of your day
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