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How to reset my account's password?

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How can I secure my account?
In order for you to secure your account in-case you ever forget your password or share the password with a friend, you are able to link your email address to your JartexNetwork Minecraft account. For you to link your email address, you must follow a specific order of steps. These being the following;​
#1. Connect to the server;​
#2. Input your password;​
#3. Once at the lobby, type /email <EmailAddress>;​
#4. Verify the email you have received;​
#5. Voilà!​
After having followed the steps listed above, you will now be able to reset your account's password at any moment by typing /resetpassword in any of the login servers.​
How can I reset my password with a linked email address?
If you have lost your in-game password, yet you have your JartexNetwork Minecraft account linked to your email address, you don't have to worry! You are able to reset your password by following these steps;​
#1. Connect to the server;​
#2. Whilst on the login screen, type /resetpassword;​
#3. Click on your password reset verification email sent from JartexNetwork;​
#4. Once on the password reset page, fill in the blanks and input your new desired password;​
#5. You are good to go!​
Having an email address linked to your JartexNetwork Minecraft account helps you to not only secure it but eases and speeds up the process of resetting your password.​
How can I reset my password without a linked email address?
There is also a way for you to recover your lost account, even if you have not linked any email address. For this, you must travel through our forums and take yourself to the Password Reset sub-forum, to which you can go by clicking HERE. After having taken yourself to this forum, you must follow these next steps;​
#1. Click the button labeled "Request A Password Reset";​
#2. Read the directions, rules, and disclaimer;​
#3. Fill in the blanks (You will be asked to input your IP-Address. We ask for this information so the members of the Management Team are able to verify your identity. As members of the Management Team, they have access to everyone's IP-Address, therefore, they will compare the IP-Address you provided with the one present on the account you are requesting the password reset for) ;​
#4. Submit your request;​
#5. Wait patiently, it may take a few days for your request to be handled, as there are many other players who submit these requests on a daily-basis.​
We wish you the best of luck within JartexNetwork!​
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