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Mar 5, 2017
talking about being lazy u were the one saying to remove shop captcha. This shows how lazy u are who couldnt spend 3 seconds solving a captcha
that has nothing to do with being lazy, it was just annoying solving a captcha every fifth click in shop
very useless information to put in this thread


Jul 22, 2017
depth strider 3 on all special sets so you dont need to revert to p4,
outpost needs to be added!! ironic how this season which promotes grinding didn't include outpost which makes grinding more profitable and thus more incentive rather than just winning f top


Jan 12, 2018
I also suggest you completely remove fortified walls as no one asked for them and its so stupid and annoying


Dec 9, 2019
Get some weird cosmetics such as Grappling Hook

invisible people climbing a wall with fishing rods totally gonna be fun


Jan 27, 2018
-Change ftop back to spawners.
-Change cannon speed from 5sec to 2sec.
-Add /f chest.
-DO NOT remove special sets except for Armani. It's literally useless so remove it or buff it or something.
-Add netherack horizontal gen buckets.
-Remove useless custom enchants or ones that don't work, because it takes forever trying to get good enchants when there are so many useless ones lowering your chances.
-Remove f shield, or at least nerf it to where it can only be changed every 24hrs.
-Add /f alt invite, you can invite people as alts instead of players so you can have more members join rather than having a ton of alts taking up space.
-PLEASE add /printer - When you do /printer it puts you in creative mode so you can print blocks without having to buy them all in /shop. You still pay for the blocks and you can't spawn in anything, just when you print a schematic it automatically buys the blocks for you from creative mode.
-Shorten the distance enemies have to be before you aren't allowed to use genbuckets.
-Some sort of system needs to be in place for cannonboxes and /f shield. Right now if a faction has a cannonbox infront of someones base and they are on /f shield, other factions can't shoot at their base for that 8 hour time period, and even longer if the factions shield enables right after the cannonbox shield ends. There at least needs to be a rule that if your cannonbox isn't being used it needs to be unclaimed.
-Increase the amount of claims allowed for cannonboxes.
-Disallow factions from placing genbuckets infront of their walls to take up space and not allow people to make cannonboxes.
-Whatever the ftop is based on, mobheads or spawner value, there needs to be a 48 hour time period before ftop ends where factions can't increase their value. Factions can still be raided during this time and lose value and lose their place on ftop, but their value can't go up. This makes scared factions who will inevitably be raided like USA not be able to hide their value for a long time, then place it at the last second so they can't be raided.
-Enable over-claiming.
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Nov 17, 2019
Some things I suggest are
-Allow melons to be sold
-have every spawners In /shop
-add the nether back
-make the jungle world boarder larger
-make different types of blocks have different values for faction top such as spawners and hoppers.


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Jan 26, 2018
A command such as /set base which enables shield only 25 chunks from that spot, or whatever the buffer limit is. Allow bigger claims for cannon boxes, and either fix printer or reduce the distance enemies can be for you to gen.