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Update Factions Immortal - Reset | December The 10th 2021

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July 30, 2016

Immortal Factions - JartexNetwork 2021
December 10th 2021, 19:00 GMT / 14:00 EST / 13:00 CST / 12:00 MT / 11:00 PST

Hello, dear JartexNetwork players!

The awaited reset for our Immortal Factions server is finally here, and we are excited to announce some new features & required changes for another map. As well as some important news regarding our second Factions realm.

This season we will be looking into making the competitive nature of factions a bit more exciting and balanced. We also added some features that have been highly requested by the community.
Make sure to read the full post to know what is going on with our faction realms.

We happily and proudly announce that the official new Immortal Faction's season will be launching on Friday, December 10th 2021
It will begin with a one-week grace period, after which a map lasting 6 weeks will begin.

Friday December 10th 2021
19:00 GMT / 14:00 EST / 13:00 CST / 12:00 MT / 11:00 PST

Please note:
The release time can be a couple of minutes later, we are trying to reach 8 PM CET.

Grace Period (no explosions): 7 days.
First hour: No flight, No wilderness command, No hunger loss, No ender pearls.
World Corners: 20
Faction size: 20 members
Faction shield: 12 hours
Cannoning speed: 3 seconds

πŸŽ‰ Giveaways

Would you like to give this new season a boosted start? With a free rank and/or free store coupons? Awesome! We are running an Instagram and Twitter give-away for free ranks and store credits, make sure to get yourself involved!​

πŸ’₯ End of the world
To celebrate the end of the season, we will be hosting an end-of-season event. At around 4 days before the release, we will be placing reset signs at spawn which you can click and claim a number of rewards; Free items, Free gkits, millions of in-game money, tons of free experience to level up your overpowered armor. Everyone will be able to finish their rank-ups because you can get everything for free. You can fight with everyone without the fear of losing the gear you have spent weeks gathering. So clearly this is the event everyone should participate in! Hop on Immortal Factions and have fun!​

πŸ“ Changelog
Here is the list of the changes made for this reset. I highly suggest you give a good read over all of these to make sure you are familiar with the most recent updates and are not missing out on important details.
πŸ‘‹πŸΌ Notification! About Factions Eternal
To start off we sadly have some news to bring you regarding the Eternal Realm. So let's just get straight to it. With the current player count of factions, there is no use in operating 2 different realms, so we will be saying our goodbyes to the Factions Eternal realm. With the merge between the two modes we are trying to reach one bigger faction server again to make the competitive aspect even better.
Anyone who has purchased a rank on Eternal will be refunded the same value of that rank on the Immortal server. This rank will be given as a VOUCHER on the account the rank was owned on. There will be no giftcards, no gold, just a voucher of the rank that you owned on the Eternal server with the same value of a rank on the Immortal server. These vouchers will be automatically given to you upon logging in with this reset.
We hope you all understand this decision that we made.
πŸ›οΈ New! Spawn
Every season needs its brand new spawn and buildings, therefore we've decided to have a Christmas theme for this season. We loved how it turned out to be, and we hope you all do too! There will be a Christmas warzone around this spawn, including multiple different KOTHS which you can capture for some extra rewards.​
You will also be able to find supply crates that have been dropped into the warzone every hour. You can claim these supply crates by clicking on them to receive some great rewards!​
There will be a total of 20 corners, these being the following:​
Over World (/spawn)
The border for the overworld will be 10,000 x 10,000 (-5,000 to 5,000) - The spawn is located in the middle.​
1,000 x 1,000 warzone. Koths will be located at each side of /spawn close to it.​
The End (/warp end)
The border for the end world will be 10,000 x 10,000 (-5,000 to 5,000) - The warp is located in the middle.​
Flat sandstone will be placed from Y:1 to Y:30.​
This warp counts with 1 KOTH.​
Pirate World (/warp pirate)
The border for the pirate world will be 7,500 x 7,500 (-3,750 to 3,750) - The warp is located in the middle.​
Flat sandstone will be placed from Y:1 to Y:30.​
This warp counts with 1 KOTH.​
Space World (/warp space)
The border for the space world will be 7,500 x 7,500 (-3,750 to 3,750) - The warp is located in the middle.​
Flat sandstone will be placed from Y:1 to Y:30.​
This warp counts with 1 KOTH.​
Snow World (/warp snow)
The border for the snow world will be 7,500 x 7,500 (-3,750 to 3,750) - The warp is located in the middle.​
Flat sandstone will be placed from Y:1 to Y:30.​
An outpost will be located within this world.​
⏰ New! Raid Timers
As suggested a lot of times by the community, we will be adding Raid Timers this season.​
What is a raid timer?
For example, JustThiemo from Faction ADA, shoots his cannon at Gunfire from Faction XRP, if Gunfire his faction is not being raided right now the raid timer will start, and this raid timer will be locked in. If voodootje0 from the Faction BTC tries to shoot at the Faction of Gunfire it will not work, as Gunfire is currently in a raid with the Faction ADA from JustThiemo. If the faction of JustThiemo shows now cannoning activity for more than 15 minutes the raid will stop, and the faction of Gunfire will receive a 20-minute Safety Break.​

What is a safety break?
During this Safety Break, no faction can raid their base, it will act as a temporary shield that you receive after a raid.​
We feel like this will make everything a bit more organized and fair to use for all players.​

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦ New! Faction Roster
The faction roster has been added. This roster will allow you to easily cycle members through your faction without running out of member slots.​
How does the roster work?
You can invite a player to your faction roster, once this player has accepted the invite he will be added to the roster, not the faction members themselves. When the player from the roster logs in, and there is space in the faction they can simply type /faction join to get into the faction they have been on for the roster.​
What about ranks and slots?
They will receive the set faction rank as well. When another player logs in, and the member slots is at their max capacity the player will simply remove a player that is currently a member and also in the roster, so it will automatically cycle them out when needed.​

What if there is no space left?
If there is no space due to all available member slots being full nothing will happen, you will stay on the roster but are unable to join any other faction. You just need to wait for space to come up in the faction you are playing for.​
🏞️ New! Roam
Roam around to discover some bases, or to get some much-needed information. Roaming is a new feature that will be introduced this season. By using the roam command you will be put into a spectator mode where you can fly through walls and objects in a 200 block radius.​

Entering roaming mode.
You can only enter roaming mode with an empty inventory, and you will not be able to travel more than 200 blocks from your starting location. Roaming will also be canceled when you log out. When you enter roaming mode an entity with your name is left behind, when you get hit in PvP you will be teleported back to your started roaming location.​
πŸ’° New! Advent Calendar
Free gifts every day? Sounds too good to be true? Well, not during this reset! To get into the Christmas spirit we will be giving away a free reward every single day! How do you get those rewards? Simple! All you have to do is log in every day during the December month, look for the Advent Calendar NPC within the spawn, and claim your daily gift, how awesome is that.​
Every day will have different types of rewards, so make sure you don't miss any of them.​

πŸ“ˆ New! Player Levels
This reset, we have decided to also introduce player levels into Immortal Factions, this time however with a factions touch. The player levels will take you through our factions gamemode, and you will learn about all the features we offer in OpFactions. You will be given rewards after the completion of every task! These rewards will help boost your progress.​
The Player Level list this season contains tasks from placing spawners, harvesting crops to giving items, and more...!​
The player levels are a familiar core feature on a lot of gamemodes we offer, so now it will also make its entrance on our faction server.​

πŸ“œ Updated! Factions Rules

To ensure a healthy competitive season we will be enforcing some changes regarding the faction rules.​

Some new rules: (These could be changed before release)​
2 buffer counters per side​
Disallowing back countering(meaning only side countering would be allowed)​
Maximum 6 chunks of walls on buffer counter​
1 cannon per cannon box-same for counters and raiding cannons​
Maximum 1 chunk of ocean per side of the base​
No speed limit on cannons that shoot below y10(1-10 stackers)​
Overstacker limit being 6 blocks​
Alt factions to trigger raid timers is not allowed.​
Some rule changes:
Changing rule about raid claims from 10x10 to 15x15 max raid claim allowed.​
🏷️Updated! Tags
A great way to stand out in chat, and now even better.​
We added a bunch of new tags to the list of available tags, some only even obtainable throughout this season. So will you be collecting all of the tags?​
Will you show your sportsmanship with a fun tag, or will you fall back to your inner toxicity with a slightly toxic-related tag.​
πŸ–¨οΈ Updated! Printer
Plenty of new blocks have been added to printer mode. As well as printer blocks now being shown up in /f inspect has been fixed now. We also made the printer way more smooth so should work as promised now. If you come across any other issue with the printer mode please let us know by creating a bug report.​

πŸ—“οΈ Updated! Tablist
For the past few seasons, the tablist has contained some useful information. Starting from this season there will be even more useful things for you to find within the last section of the tablist.​
The following things will now be able to be shown on the tablist:​
Outpost Status
Raid Timer Status

πŸ“¬Misc. Updates & Changes

Multiple small changes have been made, some of these small changes are the following:​
  • Fixed anti-cheat false kicking too much
  • Fixed gen buckets stacking issue
  • Added a command to check grace status
  • Updated warp menu
  • Updated all plugins
  • Added a new seasonal crate
  • Updated all crate rewards
  • Fixed ender pearls making you stuck
  • Fixed sand being stacked in warzone
And more....

πŸ“¬ Question and Answers
Why did Factions Immortal reset?
Factions just needed a reset, it wasn't updated for weeks so to make factions work again was a reset required. So here it is a fresh new factions with updates!​
This means all claims, items, money and the map will be reset. Nothing will be kept leftover from the previous map. I know this must be a disappointing revelation for a lot of you, but think about the exciting new changes, the new alliances you can forge, the new map, the new features, and updates the different kinds of gameplay and style being provided with this update will surely make it a worth-while and exciting reset!​
Below you can find what you will lose and one for what you will keep​
What will I lose?
  • Your claims
  • All items in your inventory and ender chest
  • Any currencies such as money and exp
  • Chatcolor permissions.
  • Seasonal ranks and perks.
What will I keep?
  • Purchased Ranks & Rank Upgrades
  • Purchased Perks
  • Won out of crates commands/ranks

Too much information? Ready to play JartexNetwork?!
Log onto and just select your game mode and PLAY!

If you have feedback or any suggestion, let us know we'd love to make this as good as we can.


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Known Member
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May 5, 2020
GG new changed and rip eternal


June 6, 2020
Finally they removed Eternal which was fail in the first place :D
ovq ovq Wheres #WsOnly players theres PayPal :D


November 16, 2018
Cool, just got done with my exams, I do need a faction dm me on discord if you wanna let me join



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Great Reporter
January 29, 2021
Lmao everyone who bought ranks got ripped off


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June 18, 2021
these new updates are very tempting to play
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