Competition Factions - FactionTop Results | March the 15TH 2019

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Rushil Patel

Aug 18, 2017
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Mar 17, 2018

The faction top contest has come to an end after 90 days, and the winners have been decided!

The way this season ended was pure garbage, things for sure will change next season so that this will not happen again. New rules will be made, and the calculation will also change.
The logs have all been checked, and the decision for the outcome has now be made, (and won't be changed anymore) everyone should be happy with what they got.

A little tip for next map if you like to talk about splitting up your faction and talk shit about us that we won't do anything about it because we don't care, then don't do it faction chat.

For everyone else, thanks for participating in our Faction Top Competition to get a spot on the faction top. Even though there are only three winners, so let's get straight to the winners!

Competition Winners

First Place: Somalia ($7,577,065,000 Faction Value)
  • 1099x Enderman Spawner
  • 635x Blaze Spawner
  • 324x IronGolem Spawner
  • 436x Villager Spawner
  • And more.
They have won 500 USD PayPal Money + $500 Store Gift Card.

Second Place: Despite ($1,651,142,500 Faction Value)
  • 1060x Pig Spawner
  • 554x Wolf Spawner
  • 556x Cow Spawner
  • 186x IronGolem Spawner
  • 264x Skeleton Spawner
  • 109x Villager Spawner
  • And more.
They have won 250 USD PayPal Money + $250 Store Gift Card.

Third Place: Sunset ($160,435,000 Faction Value)
  • 674x Pig Spawner
  • 56x Wolf Spawner
  • 253x Cow Spawner
  • 4x IronGolem Spawner
  • 16x Villager Spawner
  • And more.
They have won $250 Store Gift Card.

Thanks to all of those who competed in the event, the winners can contact us on discord or forums and we will be giving out your prizes as soon as we receive your information.
There is literally no we won..
Nov 20, 2016
Screenshot was taken way later then Raiding101 said! How is this possible at the time he mentioned we were ftop 3


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Jan 26, 2018
Hoesntly, owners should have let everything go the way they were going, then there wouldn't be all this bs.


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Oct 30, 2017
Lmao Somalia could've taken Ftop 1 2 and 3
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