Update CounterStrike on jartexnetwork?!

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May 2, 2016
This was a old project we already created weeks ago but never fully finished. Now after spending a little bit time are we proud to be releasing our new game, Counterstrike in minecraft! It it based off the popular first-person-shooter game, Counter-Strike.

In this game, one team receives a bomb, and must use this bomb to destroy one of the two bomb sites on the map. The other team must defend the two bomb sites. At the end of each round, you will receive some money. You can use this money to buy better guns and equipment.

Currently, we have 9 maps to offer to players: Dust II, Mirage, Inferno, Cache, Venice, Nuke, Overpass and Aztec.

Counterstrike, We have created two teams the ''Swat" and the ''Bombers'' each team will spawn on a side of the map. How ever the swat team will spawn closer to the bomb site in order to defend it.
The bombers goal is to plant the bomb at one of the two diffrent locations on the map.
Each team has the same weapons where they will start with. At the beginning of each round, the bomb will be randomly giving to a bomber. With the help of his team, that player will have to plant the bomb on a bombsite. Once the bombers is on the site (which is marked by a red clay and quartz), they can hold right-click whilst the bomb is in their hands to plant it.
Once the bomb is planted, you will literally see ' a bomb' on the ground where you planted it.

Now is it time for the swat to defuse it, a SWAT member must simply click with the shears on the bomb and wait without moving. A progress bar will appear on your screen when you are defusing, to show how much time is left for the defusal to be completed.

Since this is a full game, there is a shop with tons of upgrades to spend your Coins on! Some features are not released yet like the bombs and more weapons.
You will win coins that you can spend with every kill, placing or defusing the bomb or winning a round.

And then sadly enough there is also a end on this minigame so the team that will win 5 rounds in total will win the game! after that you can play again in a diffrent map with other people or ofcourse the same ;)

So now this small guide, it was created so people with certain questions can easily find answers within minutes, I hope that this guide is helpful to anyone who has any quistions about this.

Q: How do I join?
A: You can join counterstrike by connecting to play.jartexnetwork.com, then right clicking the compass. select the horse armor. I would recommend joining with 1.8 since the 1.9/1.10 textures packs are still a little bit buggy.

Q: How do i get the texturepack?
A: When you join the game counterstrike you will be asked to accepted a texture pack click then on yes to accept it otherwise your not able to join any sign!

Q: Will this overwrite my current resource pack?
A: No the textures will be removed once you relog jartexnetwork​

Q: Do I have to use the texturepack?
A: You will need to install the texturepack or you will be unable to play.

Q: What is the best version to use?
A: I would recommend using the version that we ask you to use it is 1.8.
Other problems with the texturepack ?

Q: How do I use my guns and equipment?
A: The items in your first and second slots are your guns. To use them, right click to shoot and shift to aim down your sights. Aiming down your sights improves accuracy, but slows you down. then in your third slot you have a knife, to recieve better weapons click on the Phone ( Night sloth) and select the weapons you wanne buy. But be aware this can only be done in your spawn region.

Q: How do I vote on counterstrike?
A: We have disabled voting on counterstrike for now since we have no ideas on what to give as a voting reward so any ideas are welcome ;)

Q: How do I reload my weapons?
A: Simply left click with your mouse and your weapon will reload.


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Aug 15, 2016
Did you realise in the police car at the spawn, inside it there is Peorioy's head. :D


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Jun 4, 2016
Well done, i give you this, atleast a new thing and changing from the skyblock stuff
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