Cheaters and how they can be defeated


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Nov 24, 2019
Hello there player!

Before reading the all thing remember that this is all a suggestion to the server's owners! (sorry for my bad english) -konqx

Who are cheaters?
Cheaters are considered as players that use UNFAIR ADVANTAGE to win games and they think they're better when they're not. The fact that the server is for cracked users (They haven't bought Minecraft) is making things worst because you can get infinite cracked accounts if you know how to do it, and trust me it's nothing that requires to be a NASA hacker.

How can they be defeated by Jartex's owners?
Let's first talk about a thing, the anti-cheat, it's priceless! There are too many free hacks that can easily bypass the checks sent by the anti-cheat to see if they're cheating, most of the time
it gets bypassed because it's not a really good one and as i think, the owners have the possibility to get a better one, even paid and replace it but it seems like they really don't care about it.
Isn't that sad? That you gotta run into atleast 1 cheater in every game of every game-mode? It is!

How can you avoid them?
The only one thing us normal players can do is to find a way around them, for example, if you play Bedwars and you want to kill a cheater get him on a bridge and try to fire-ball him, you gotta
find a way to kill them by the distance because you probably won't be able to handle the close fights with them. Obviously recording them and reporting them on the forums would be the best
choice as the Staff members say, but they probably don't know that we don't have 1TB of space to keep the cheater's videos only to report them, the last advise I can give you is to get an hard disk
where to put all the clips of the cheaters because you know you'll get a lot of them! xd

konqx was here :)
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Aug 8, 2019
I once fireballed a hacker on bridge and he literally flew up like in creative