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May 2, 2016

The JartexNetwork Team Events is back with another event for the community! This time, we are going to host a Build Event.

This month, the theme will be about Pirates. Just imagine...Sailing on the ocean blue with your crew. The sun on the horizon. Following treasure map from island to island hunting down Pirate treasure.

When will the event be hosted?
The event will start on Wednesday, August 15th and it will end on Saturday, September 15th. You will have a month at your disposal to arrange your ideas and give life to buildings. The last week will be used to judge your work and announce the winners of the competition.

Event Rules
If you are found not following any of the following rules, you and / or your team will be disqualified:
  • Before you start building you must fill out the form.
  • If you are working with friends, please note that only the owner of the plot will be rewarded with the prize if will be selected as a winner.
  • Only the plot owner must submit the creations. You may not submit another player's plot.
  • Any plagiarism for example from, but they are not limited to, YouTube or Google, etc. are not allowed.
  • Pixel arts are not allowed.
  • All the buildings must be appropriate for all the ages. You are not allowed to build any inappropriate buildings.
  • All the global, server-specific rules and allowed & disallowed modifications will apply during the event.
  • All the creations must be built in the event world. You can access it when you join CREATIVE by doing /buildevent. If the buildings are not found in the buildevent world, you and / or your team will be disqualified.

The judges
We will not reveal the names of the judges, due to the possibility of a conflict of interest / avoid any type of harassment / bribing, etc.

The creations will be judged based on the following:
  • Creativity & Originality;
  • Appearance;
  • Building Skills;
  • Matching the theme.

Where will you build your ideas?
When you will enter in the HUB, you will be able to perform the following command /buildevent. By doing that command, you will be teleported to another world where you will be able to give life to your ideas by building them. Please note that if your buildings will not be found in the buildevent world, you and your team will be disqualified.

Event Prizes
40$ Gift Card
25$ Gift Card
10$ Gift Card


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Mar 17, 2018
Ok. But whY? Also, first.
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Oct 16, 2016
/buildevent wont work xd
Oct 16, 2016
nvm you have to join a server then do /hub then do /buildevent
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