Update Brand new SkyBlock server?!

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Apr 26, 2016
Dear players of the best network ever, JartexNetwork!

We are glad that we have to announce something that is new at the amazing network.
After weeks of work we are happy launching a second SkyBlock server, called SkyBlock Dream.
Now your question is what is new? We've improved a lot things and also added things =) Below you can find information about every new/ improved thing.

Custom Enchantments

We are glad that custom enchantments has now a second life on the new SkyBlock server, some of you already know the custom enchantments from factions, the system works almost the same as on factions, but now you have 4 tiers instead of 5 tiers. We had to recode the whole plugin so it would also work here on skyblock ;)

Supply Crates

With the Supply Crates/Jartex Drops you can get nice items in the new pvp area, which is located in the front of the spawn, you can also do /warp and select the pvp icon to go to the to the new pvp area =) We have also added a warp fps /warp fps where you can also fight if you want better frames.

New Shop System

Lots of players asked us to add /sell hand or /sell all, now we've added a /shop command. You can open the shop from every location to buy and sell items fast. In skyblock dream have we also added a couple items that you cant find in the skyblock fantasy server.

Item Rename Tags

We also added Item Rename Tags, this is really nice to prevent scammers. Now can now also use color codes to rename your equipment.

New Start Islands

We've added new start islands. Thanks to Max Max for building these beautiful islands.


PlayerVaults has bring light to the new server, donators can open their private vault by doing /pv 1-99

New SkyGod Rank!?

Yup that's true, we have now a new donator rank called SkyGod, and it has a perfect kit for pvping.

Made possible by Max Max and myself =)


This is great for Skyblock Lovers, especially me! I really appreciate the works of the core, it's so great and well made <3

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