Basics to every Skywars kit

Sep 11, 2018
What is this thread about?

This thread will (hopefully) teach you the basics to all Jartex Skywars kits, and maybe even open your eyes to kits you already have that you didn't think were any useful.
Keep in mind that there may be strategies to some kits that I didn't mention in this guide, but I'll do my best to cover the most effective ones out there.
Some kits will also have no guide to them, since it's almost impossible to really benefit from using them, and it's simply common sense to avoid using them.
(EX. Baker Kit, Farmer Kit, ETC.)

Keep in mind, this is a guide for new Skywars players, if not for new Minecraft players in general,
if you have played this game for a while, this guide most probably won't help you out, since you
probably already know all that's in this thread, as it's common Minecraft knowledge.

Note that some of these kits will not be in order of the Kit GUI in-game, since I've compiled some kits towards the end into one,
because they all have the same uses and are overall similar, in general.

Why are the kits' titles coloured differently?

Since there's no real rarity rating for kits on Jartex, I'll be colouring the kits' titles differently if you wish to read through the good kits,
and skip wasting time on the bad ones.
(These will be based on how useful the kit is, for winning a game, rather than how rare it is.)

⚫ Common

Default Kit:
Since everyone has this kit, there's no specific strategy that can help you overpower other players, especially since this kit doesn't precisely have the best gear.
If you're willing to use this kit, I advise you to not waste time on your island, get blocks and armor from a chest or two, and get moving. If you have any other kits, it's only common sense to stop using default.. unless it's like Farmer kit or something,

Builder Kit:
Despite how useless this kit might look, you can use the blocks effectively if you know what you're doing. As it might be obvious, 32 blocks is certainly enough to get you to an opponent's island, take advantage of that, grab a sword (and armor, if available in the same chest), then rush your opponent. Since most, if not all, people loot all 3 chests on their islands, if you know how to rush correctly, you'd be getting yourself a kill 10 seconds from match start.

Baker Kit:
As you might have guessed, there's no obvious way to benefit from this kit, so you should skip using this kit, if at all possible, since it's almost guaranteed to get food in island chests anyhow, in case you need it for healing.

Chicken Kit / Snowman Kit:
This is another kit that might not look too useful looking at it from a strategic point of view, but used effectively, it can get you some quick kills at the start of a game. You might need a bit of luck for this strategy to work, but when it does, it can help you boost your kills by a small bit, at the very least. As you might have already guessed, you need to get yourself in an angle where you can knock off your neighbouring opponent using the 16x Eggs/Snowballs you get in the kit, not always do you get eggs in an island chest, so this might prove even more helpful further into the game, knocking someone off while bridging, etc.
Still, this is another kit you shouldn't use if you have any PvP-based kits, cause' they'll definitely prove more helpful, which is only common sense.

Enchanter Kit:
This kit can prove rather helpful most of the time, as while it might take you some time on your island, you'd definitely be getting away from your island with decent gear. While you can use the enchantments on your armor, I recommend always applying them to your sword, especially if you get a stone/iron one. Assuming you do get Sharpness I, for example, you'd be giving yourself a weapon with damage of 5-7/hit. However, if you get a wooden sword, I recommend using it on your armor, in case you happen to get any piece of an iron set.

Farmer Kit:
Another kit with no blatant purpose, which should be ignored at any given opportunity.

Fisher Kit:
The fishing rod will be helpful to you, in case you're any good at PvPing with it, or at least aiming it well to replace eggs/snowballs.
Other than that, there's not much to it, since you usually get fishing rods in chests anyways, so you should probably skip using this kit, so that you get the items of another kit to use along the rod you find in chests.

Healer Kit:
This kit is one of the few kits I'd use, despite having donator kits.
The healing potions are really useful after a fight, and going in a fight, even if it's against a noob with no wins, is still risky, cause' you're dead in a few hits. Combine this kit with good loot and you might just consider yourself the winner of the game already.

Hunter Kit:
As much as it hurts me to say, this kit can get you easy kills just by bow spamming. You drop down from your cage, look to your right or left, and shoot whoever is standing there looting their chests, and in just a few well-aimed shots, you got yourself the game's first kill. If you find some more arrows, you can take it to your advantage and avoid melee fights, if they're not exactly your thing. Basic knowledge for anyone who uses a bow, but that's all there is to the kit.. Simple, yet very effective. (Side note; expect a lot of angry players after you bow spam them.)

Knight Kit:
Obviously, this is one of the best kits for f2p players, one of the best kits for rushing, and it's only second to Warrior kit, as far as f2p kits go.
As any rush goes, pick the kit, get blocks, get a kill. Simple as that, no reason to go further into depth, if you have this kit, don't waste it, sure it to its full potential.

Miner Kit:
Again, not the most useful, but if you play solo normal, on the "Mine" map, you can mine the diamonds in the cave below your spawn point, and craft gear out of it which can actually prove to be quite useful. Apart from that, not too much to it, really.

Pirate Kit:
While most of the kit isn't really useful, the kit's sword is actually the highest damage dealing sword among all kits, with damage of 6.5/hit.
This sword's damage surpasses all 3 donator kits' damage, as well as Warrior kit's, despite being the best f2p kit there is.
Not too much to say here, just use the damage as much as you can to boost your kills a decent bit.

Pyro Kit:
This is another kit whose items aren't as necessary to have, yet its sword can really inflict noticeable damage.
With base damage of 5.25 + Fire Aspect II, you should be considering yourself the winner of a fight before even engaging in it.
I should also mention, as a side note, the other items in the kit, being a lava bucket, a fire resistance potion, and flint and steel.
You can use the Fire Resistance potion to counter opponents that are also using Pyro Kit, otherwise, the other items aren't exactly necessary,
since you're lighting your opponent on fire anyways using your fire aspect enchanted sword.

Rusher Kit:
For someone who hunts for stats, and wants to get as many kills as possible, this kit is like a free-pass. I gave this kit a Mythical rating simply because of how easy it is to get a kill with it. I think anyone who plays skywars and has this kit has a decent idea of how to use it effectively but I might as well say it, for those who don't know.
- Drop from your cage, put on your boots, pearl to an island, kill whoever's busy looting, proceed to loot their island's chests and continue the game like how you would normally.
(For people wondering how to counter this kit's users, try to always use a kit with a sword in it, once you drop to your island at the start of a game, check both sides to see if anyone's using Rusher Kit, if so, keep your eye on them till' you guarantee that you're safe.. Or you can have fast reflexes, that works too.)

Spy Kit:
Before I say anything, if you're wondering why I gave a kit that looks like it might be OP only an Epic rating, that's because this is one of the easiest kits to counter. The thing with Spy Kit is that it only makes your body invisible, in other words, if you're wearing any armor, you're basically as visible as you were before drinking the potion. So, if you were to correctly use this kit, you'd be in one of two situations.
-You'd be without armor, sneak up on someone, use your fist to knock them off or use your sword and kill them as fast as possible, giving them no time to react.
-Or situation two, the more common one, you'd sneak up on someone, try to attack them, get spotted instantly, and get killed in a mere 4 hits.
If you have confidence in your pvp skill, and know you can combo someone hard enough they can't counter-attack, then this is the kit for you. Otherwise, you should avoid using it to avoid getting an unnecessary amount of deaths trying to use it.

Witch Kit:
I can sum this kit up in a few words by saying, it's useful for healing, not much else. You could actually easily cause some decent damage with the poison potion, but not enough to really ease up the kill all that much, so, this is another kit you should pass up and try to unlock others.

Wolf Kit:
Would have given this kit a Common rating.. if i hadn't died to it before. To explain it in a quick way, if you go up against someone with those five, devilish wolves while having low health, you're toast. If you ever come across someone using this kit, kill the wolves first, trust me, you won't be able to focus on your fight with your opponent with the wolves draining out your health. Plus, after you kill their owner, sometimes they continue to attack you, which could lead to a death, considering you were just in a fight, and most probably have low health. So basically, you need to counter this kit at any given opportunity.

Scout Kit:
Would call this kit useless, but if you can strafe well, this might actually be helpful, or if you're running for your life or anything of that sort, but not much else. I'm not gonna talk to much on this one since there's nothing much to say.

Princess Kit:
Refer back to Hunter Kit for simple guide, as they share the same features.

Salmon Kit:

Grenade Kit:
To put it plainly, do not use this kit.
By the time the creeper detects the player near him, then ignites, the player would be miles away.
Plus, the creeper ignites if its owner gets near it.. yup.

Cannoneer Kit:
This kit can be used for TNT jumping, or blowing someone's island up, whichever way you prefer, but it's not the 'I wanna win the game' type of kit, it's one of those kits you'd use if you didn't take the game too seriously and just wanted to test stuff out and mess around. As someone who knows how to TNT jump tho, I wanna give this kit a Rare rating as it might be helpful in rushing.

Slayer Kit/Warrior kit/Veteran Kit/Warlord Kit/Zeus Kit:
These kits all share one thing, and that's how good they are. Consider yourself lucky if you have any of these kits, cause' you have a lot of rushing potential when you use any one of these. Pick the kit, grab blocks and get the match's first kill every game, while people are all still looting. I don't think I really need to suggest or recommend any of these, anyone who has these kits is sure to be a user of them, since they're too good of an opportunity to pass up. Keep in mind Warrior Kit/Slayer Kit are pretty rare so you're going to have a hard time getting them. All three remaining ranks are donator ranks purchasable from (Keep an eye out for sales as they're a great time to get ranks)

Thanks for taking the time to read, and hope this guide helped you in any way ;) Tell me if I missed anything important and I'd love to hear what you thought!
Have a nice rest of your day!

- ikdu
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Nov 28, 2018
how dare u farmar kit is one of the op kits there is u have blocks u have a weapon hoe and u have food bread wut do u even need
op kit highly suggest it
creeper kit is op too its the most op kit to kill ur self
Nov 19, 2018
how dare u farmar kit is one of the op kits there is u have blocks u have a weapon hoe and u have food bread wut do u even need
op kit highly suggest it
creeper kit is op too its the most op kit to kill ur self
ur opinions hurt my brain
Jan 7, 2019
how dare u farmar kit is one of the op kits there is u have blocks u have a weapon hoe and u have food bread wut do u even need
op kit highly suggest it
creeper kit is op too its the most op kit to kill ur self
Stupid me, totally made a typo there in my post, your opinion is 100% correct, I apologize for missing out on such blessing words...