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March 11, 2018
This thread contains some questions possibly faced by people applying for the staff position, and the answers to those questions.
Make sure to check your question here first before you message a staff member!

Q: How many times can I apply for Staff?
A: You may apply a maximum of 3 times to become a staff. If you could not get accepted into the team after 3 tries, and then you fix on your shortcomings and wish to apply again, you will need to contact a member of Management Team. Note that you must wait at least 7 days, between each of your applications, to apply again.

Q: Why can I not submit my application at the moment?
A: You might have applied for a total of 3 times. If you believe this to be a mistake, please contact a member of management team.

Q: My application has been rejected, what do I do now?
A: If your application has been denied, it means that the staff and management team judged by their standards that you're not yet fit to be a member of the staff team. However, all is not lost. If you still want to be a staff member, and are willing to put effort towards it, then all you need to do is improve on the points mentioned as reasons in the denial message in your application. If you need further guidance, the staffs are more than happy to help!

Q: What are the requirements for the Trial Application?
A: In order to be able to apply for the team, the applicant must:
  • Have been part of the network for a minimum of 31 days.
  • Have a discord account with significant activity in the JartexNetwork discord. This means that they must meet the age required by their country to use Discord.
  • Have at least 40 messages on the forums, excluding those gathered through reports.
  • Have at least 15 gameplay reports.
  • Have at least 20 chat reports.
  • Be able to record screen videos with a resolution of 720p or greater.
  • Show the use of proper grammar and sentence structuring.
  • Not have faced any punishments (Bans or mutes) in-game on the server in the last 14 days. This does not include any successfully appealed punishments.
  • Not be staff on another server.
Q: What will get my application instantly denied?
A: An application may instantly be denied if:
  • The applicant does not meet the requirements.
  • The applicant has a bad reputation in the community or is known to be a toxic person.
  • No, or lack of, effort was put into the application, or it missed out key details required by the questions.
  • It was made within 7 days of last application getting denied.
  • It contains lies or deception, about for example, prior experience.
  • It is a troll application.
  • It contains an advertisement of or an IP of another server.
  • It is a plagiarized application.
  • It was submitted within 31 days of demotion of the applicant.

Q: My question / answer is not here. What should I do?
A: You can always contact a staff member, preferably on the discord. If they are not available or can't answer your question, please make a ticket to contact the management team.

In case we get more questions being asked frequently this thread will be updated!
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