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Update Minigames Update | June 8th 2019

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April 26, 2016

Minigames Update - JartexNetwork 2019

June 8th 2019, 20:00 GMT / 16:00 EST / 15:00 CST / 14:00 MT / 13:00 PST

Hello, players of JartexNetwork,

The time has finally arrived! I am excited to be able to announce today that the Minigame update is here, and it only took us almost 1,5 years to do so! :rene:

This update will make the current minigames, SkyWars & BedWars completely new, as well as new features inside the lobby of the minigames. We polished everything and fixed all the existing bugs.

For this update we’ve once again listened to the community, we hope that your suggestions/ideas/or bug reports are now fixed and or added within this update.
Let's not make it longer and go straight to the details since that's what people are interested in.

It's with great pleasure that we can announce that this all will be released this Saturday (June 8, 2019) we are expecting the release around 8 PM CET.​

Saturday 8th June 2019
20:00 GMT / 16:00 EST / 15:00 CST / 14:00 MT / 13:00 PST

Please note: The release time can be a couple of minutes later, we are trying to reach 8 PM CET.
Please note: All the bedwars and skywars servers will be down approximately 1 hour before the update happens.

If you do encounter any bugs or any issues be sure to make a bug report as we shall be closely looking at that section to fix things as soon as possible on the new update!


Jartex Level
Ever wanted to show how good you are at the minigames here at Jartex? After this update, you will be able to. We added a ‘Jartex Level’ to your account. Everyone starts at Level 1. Earn experience by playing games. The more experience you have, the higher your Jartex Level. Unlock fun goodies while leveling up to show off even more!


Network Boosters
We now finally support boosters on your favorite gamemodes. Boosters will increase the number of coins you earn inside the minigames, and to tip it off, players can thank you as a booster owner for being so generous, which will give you and the player who thanked you even more coins!

You can choose to boost either SkyWars or BedWars. That’s not enough for you? Okay! We added a Global booster as well, which will be active on both minigames!

Personal Boosters
Personal boosters will only affect your coins income for a small period of time. These personal boosters can be earned from voting, leveling up, and from deliveries. These boosters will not give you any extra coins.

Global Minigame Ranks
We are proud to announce that ranks will now be global on all of our minigames (currently including SkyWars & BedWars). Get your new bronze, silver, or gold rank today at Read below for information about your current SkyWars rank.

We finally added cosmetics that you can unlock in lobbies of these minigames. All the lobby cosmetics are global (as in if you unlock them on SkyWars you will also have them on BedWars)! You can unlock cosmetics by opening Loot Boxes in one of the lobbies. These loot boxes can be earned by playing games, or by crafting them with gems. Gems are earned by playing missions or by receiving duplicate items from your loot box.

Speaking of cosmetics, how amazing would it be to have a cool win effect, a projectile trail, or just a fun death animation? Well, we added in-game cosmetics as well! These cosmetics can be unlocked through the updated Brain Washer. The Brain Washer now comes with different tiers, to unlock better rewards on a higher cost. In-game cosmetics are per game. If you unlock a win effect on SkyWars, you will only have that effect on SkyWars.

These cosmetics can be found in every lobby of your favorite minigame.

New Maps
All of the minigames will now have unique and new maps to play on. We will be trying our best to update these maps every now and then.

A complete rework of SkyWars and BedWars
With this update, we completely changed SkyWars and BedWars as a whole. Recoded from scratch, and including a lot of the community their suggestions! Let’s just get straight into the biggest changes we made to these minigames.



The major of the community told us that the items inside the chests at SkyWars aren’t balanced at all, so we did something about this. In SkyWars you will now find more balanced chests, with a better system behind it. On every island, solo or team, you will find at least a few pieces of gear, a weapon, and some blocks.

With the update, you will now also find better loot at the chests located at the middle islands! No longer will it be a risk without reward to go to the middle of the map.

New mode
We thought we could change Rush mode into something more unique, and something more exciting to have more variation in the SkyWars games you play. We are happy to announce you the new SkyWars mode Lunatic!

The items inside chests are way stronger compared to the normal SkyWars mode, and chests can contain fun and unique items such as the Explosive Bow, Bunny Boots, and more! But that’s not all. In Lunatic there is the option to vote for Normal or Extreme mode. In Extreme mode, the items that spawn inside chests are even crazier. In Extreme mode there is also a chance of Sky Crates spawning around the middle islands. These crates contain the most EPIC loot you will ever find.


The kits have been changed as well. We removed some kits, we added some new ones, balanced out existing kits, but most important; You can now upgrade your kits. Each kit comes with 5 levels that can be upgraded inside the SkyWars lobby.

As a replacement for abilities, we introduce you to a new system called Talents. Talents are quite like perks that you can unlock to enhance your gameplay. You can select a total of 3 Active Talents. This means that you can unlock and upgrade as many talents as you want, but you can only have 3 of them active. So choose wisely, and adjust your gameplay on these activated talents.


For BedWars we mostly made some core changes to the gameplay and made sure all existing bugs are fixed.

As newly introduced in SkyWars, we will also be implementing Talents in BedWars! This system will work the same as SkyWars, which means you can upgrade and unlock all the Talents you want, but you can only have 3 of them active at the same time.

Brain Washer
The Brain Washer has been added to BedWars. With the Brain Washer you can unlock fun in-game cosmetics that will make your BedWars games even more fun!

New Shop
The villagers of the BedWars game also did some housekeeping inside their shops. The looks and feels of the shop inside BedWars games have been changed completely. It will now work with different tabs and a quick buy menu. This Quick Buy menu can be adjusted to whatever you feel like by shift-right-clicking items in the Shop Menu!

You will now be able to rejoin BedWars games after you accidentally disconnected, or when your game crashed. Just hop into the BedWars lobby and type /rejoin to get right back into the game!

Improved Generators
The in-game generators will now give items to every player standing on that generator. No more stealing resources from your teammates, you will now share them, because sharing is caring, am I right? Generators won’t keep on spawning items when the capacity has been reached, this means there will no longer be spawning 64 emeralds in the middle generators.

Changes to TNT & Fireballs
As most of the suggestions stated, TNT gave too much knockback, so we decreased this knockback received from TNT. There’s also a new block in the game, which is clay! Clay will be blast proof for your bed protection, which means all the blocks under the clay are safe from explosions, and only the clay will blow up.

Fireballs will now have a low cooldown, to prevent players from smacking stacks of fireballs into your face.


Rank Information
With the new rank system, we had to get rid of the old SkyWars ranks. If you owned a SkyWars rank you will receive the following.

Veteran Bronze rank
Warlord Bronze rank
Zeus Silver rank

If you are a player that currently owns a Warlord rank you can post a payment issue on the forums that you had a Warlord rank. This will get you a 5 euro gift card to compensate for the rank costs.


There’s much more we added, but why don’t you go check out those features yourself?
We hope to see everyone there with this upcoming Minigame Update!​

If you have feedback or any suggestion, let us know we'd love to make this as good as we can.​


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December 24, 2017
this is what i have been wating for and it finally came ;););):love::love::dabma::dabma::devilish::devilish:
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