Update Minigame Update | November the 8th 2020

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Nov 11, 2020

Minigame Update - JartexNetwork 2020
November 2020

Hello, players of JartexNetwork!

We have taken our time to give you all a big minigame update again. This update will include our biggest minigames; BedWars and SkyWars! Don't be sad, UHC and TheBridge will get an update as well, but this update will not include any changes for them.

Thousands of players play SkyWars and BedWars, so we gave it some much-needed changes. So, what are you waiting for? Join today at and start grinding.

If you want to learn more about some of the new features, read below!

New ranks prefixes.

We felt like the ranks weren't in the correct order. A bronze rank had better color than the silver rank, and the gold rank didn't stand out that much either.
Which is why we decided to change the rank prefixes. Starting from this update the ranks will be called: Iron, Gold, and Diamond. The rank itself did not change, only the display of it.

Private Games.

As highly suggested by the community we decided it was time to add Private Games. For now, every Diamond player will be able to host a private BedWars or SkyWars game by typing /privategame (or /pg in short) to select a private game.

Once your private game has finished it will keep existing and sending you back. You can warp or shutdown your existing private game by using the same command in the lobby again.
In order to play private games, you will have to use a party!

You can select any map you like to play with your party, the private game leader will have the needed tools to start or end the game. Everyone in a private game is able to select their teams

New Maps.

We have added 4 new maps for you to play on SkyWars, and 3 new maps on BedWars! If you do not like the new maps make sure to report your issues on our forums so we can keep on tweaking the maps for the perfect for your game experience.

We want your feedback on all of these new maps, but please be as detailed as possible. This will make it easier for us to switch out to the maps you like, and move out the maps you dislike.

Extra BedWars Cosmetics.

Added Bed Destroy Effects.
These effects will be displayed when you destroy another team their bed.

Added Wood Skins.
You can now get a different type of wood when you selected a wood skin.

These rewards can be unlocked using the BrainWasher.

Missions Rework

We have added a bunch of extra missions and gave them a tier. The higher the tier the better the reward. What mission are you going to grind for today? The choice is yours when there are so many to choose from!
Both SkyWars and BedWars now have over 10 missions to choose from.

...And a lot more!
Added random kit option.​
Added more loot to SkyWars doubles.​
Made the votes if they're equal in normal & extreme end in lunatic, at SkyWars.​
More items in the SkyCrate, and more custom items in Extreme mode.​
Buffed Creeper kit.​
Give players a player tracker with 2 teams left.​
Reduced fire aspect swords in chest.​
Allowed bow boosting.​
Added Noteblock kit.​
Sped up the main generators by a few ticks.​
Fixed invincibility timer going away when you hit someone.​
Buffed bed destroys rewards.​
Made generators in quad mode faster.​
Clay is now blast-proof.​
Allowed fireball jumping.​
Added efficiency on all tools.​
Reduced the cost of clay.​
Added Bouncy Bale (Reduces fall damage when landed on)​
Added Stone axe to the shop.​
Made the blindness trap a bit shorter.​
Improved TNT knockback.​
Made /nick have more options.​
Show best winstreak at the NPC.​
Allow global chat when a game ends.​
Give alive players the play again and exit item when a game ends.​
Buffed mission rewards.​
Lowered Brainwasher cooldown for Diamond ranks.​
...and a bunch of bug fixes.​

Too much information? Ready to play Jartex?!
Log onto and just select your game mode and PLAY!

If you have feedback or any suggestion, let us know we'd love to make this as good as we can.

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