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  • I got just unbanned by Developertor a yesterday ago but I didnt got unbanned. I cant either join the discord server or the minecraft server. I am so sad pls help me :(
    Hello Raiding101 i am trying to het on leader boards but i need to change my username and i dont want to lost all my stats is it possible for me to change my name and a staff member give me back all my stats :jartex: :) :)
    hi pls help me i cant go to apeal for unban :cautious:
    I got the screenshots . add me on discord. and his name xhoodiepvpx
    For all the facs players i will be holding a mini- selfhosted event. for the comming weeks ill be randomly storing chests and giving out the coords, the chests are ranked by rarity and first person to get it well uk gets the loot. Just a way we show you guyes we appreciate u as players <3
    Sorry again but this afternoon i was banned from console for hax and I was innocence but now Console ban my friend RuAl3x randomly for hax too. This is very annoying so please unban him because he never use hax...thank you so much, GOODNIGHT
    I made password reset request i think 3 days ago and no one replied
    be patient
    only sr.mods+ can handle them, and they are usually staff away or very busy
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