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  • I was banned on the server but in the video you can see that it bounced after a fireball and I hit it 2 more times which bounced it into the abyss and I was still lagging. This ban is simply not fair. I didn't have cheats
    Hello Raiding101

    hello i was false banned by console on practise for hacks (killaura) i am using badlion client and it doesnt have hacks. what should i do?
    Hi Raiding101!

    I was trying to apply for Trial.
    On the page on Application or Guidance.
    There was an option Down below "Submit Application".
    I clicked on that option and it opened a new page but then it said: " You Do Not Have Permission To Use This Page".

    If you helped me out It would Be Great.

    u need a min of 10 msgs on the forums
    Hi , I having issue with login to the server, I sign in using my email , but it show my emai is not connected and I can't login to ther server
    I got just unbanned by Developertor a yesterday ago but I didnt got unbanned. I cant either join the discord server or the minecraft server. I am so sad pls help me :(
    Hello Raiding101 i am trying to het on leader boards but i need to change my username and i dont want to lost all my stats is it possible for me to change my name and a staff member give me back all my stats :jartex: :) :)
    hi pls help me i cant go to apeal for unban :cautious:
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