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    Jartex Network "OFFICIAL" Crossword!

    This was quite easy
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    Prison Tips 2020

    Thanks :) But why didn’t you fix the “1201 makes your explosion 3-4x bigger” part xD I analyze the explosion every time explo gets better: thats where i got the slightly less than 2x and ~1.5x from So it isnt actually exactly 1.5x either Edit: heres a few more fixes lol I’m not P11 yet but...
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    Prison Tips 2020

    More fixes, hopefully there aren't any mistakes this time. Now that I have the Immortal enchant on my pick, I can confirm that it doesn't work. (See pics below) Level 751 - 850 = 750 Tokens ( 75,000 Tokens ) Level 851 - 2000 = 1000 Tokens ( 1,150,000 Tokens )* /mysteryman* You can...
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    Prison Tips 2020

    oops, my bad for those
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    Prison Tips 2020

    Some fixes: cell* boosters arent gamble now explo doesnt get better at 1001, 751=1200 nope, immortal does nothing DL doesnt increase the seed drop 8-9B* 4-5+ hours* explo 1201* token farming is already 7k/hr for me and i dont even have explo 1201 so its probably much more than 8k-10k...
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    Prison Tips 2020

    explo gets better at level 751, not 1001
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    Data Lost or something

    Prison just reset a few days ago, and all progress are lost and you have start all over again
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    Important Prison - reset countdown!

    I agree with silent SBD has gone thorugh 2 resets while 0 in prison
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    Update Prison - Update post 2.0

    Reset has been really delayed... Meanwhile I do have some extra suggestions 1. /g bal - put money(and tokens or whatever the new currency is)inside the gang 2. /g baltop - you know what it does 3. Gang sell multipliers - Once the gang reaches a certain level, you can get multipliers(its gonna...
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    Update Prison - Update post 2.0

    That would just be factions
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    Update Prison - Update post 2.0

    Nowadays people dont shop there,the only use for cells are now only to glitch heads 2 more suggestions: Please remove chestshop confirm GUI, or ATLEAST let us disable it I know this is to prevent people accidentally selling or buying things, but asking it every single time is just annoying, and...
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    Important Prison - We need your help!

    My suggestions: 1.No limit to lottery tickets 2.Remove things like 2304 iron ingots from Ultra and God crates we just paid tons of money not to get things that we can get in less than 0.2 seconds 3.Pickaxe Crates, same as above some things are just useless 4.Rankup crates give you different...
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    Important Prison - We need your help!

    100% agree new players just come in and ask (stupid) puestions since theres no guide telling them
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    AmazingTrish your appeal is going to be 100% denied lol

    AmazingTrish your appeal is going to be 100% denied lol
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    I hate spam

    Just to let you know xd