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  • xTurtleLegit- Hi guys, been a long time. I used to play facs and have been jartex member for like 4 years now.. Insane?
    Once upon a time there was a child who was lonely. The child's parents always fought and they always seemed to create some sort of violence.. Those parents also seemed to be falling away from what was right. They felt so upset because they thought the world was falling apart around them. Their only son left in the house had several mental breaks because he had been through a lot of things. -Abrokenhome
    This is xTurtleLegit. I seek to be a staff member. I know I have been a bad boi in the past but I wanna be a better boi. just bought a new pc :3 ples papa?
    Hope you people are having a blessed day :) Happy Spring jartex people!
    my bday is on april 20th.. aye
    Lol, i'm still banned for mob aura ;-;
    How am I not well known.. Been playing here for years.. lol
    I forgot my password.. could some one please help me.
    Hmu on discord: xTurtleLegit#1541
    Lol. I've been a member of this server for 2.2 years. Wish i got an award for it :3
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