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  • @JustThiemo thanks for adding the /email thing.

    Do you think you can contact someone to get my pass reset? I've been waiting far too long bro.
    @voodootje0 you need to recruit more sr. mods or demote the ones you have and recruit new ones because they are inactive and don't do anything. I've been waiting 6+ weeks for a pass reset now. This is terrible :/
    I guess it'll be another freaking 5-6 weeks before my pass is reset?
    Please someone answer my pass reset..
    Can You senior mods please check the Pass Reset section. Been waiting forever
    Staff are seriously ignoring all the Pass reset requests. I bought an unban for my main and now I can't even play it because staff won't take the time to simply reset a password. it takes 5 minute to check the Ip and reset the pass. Come on.. _-_
    Firstly, it's your duty to keep your password safe and written somewhere so even if you forget there's a backup. Secondly, as you may have noticed there are only 2 SrMods, 1 of which is on staff away, Flagy_ is trying his best to handle everything. So patiently wait for a response.
    Been waiting 18 days for a pass reset. This is getting ridiculous.
    Been 4 weeks since i posted my pass reset and still no response. I thought community help was supposed to be a priority but, staff would rather ignore it. :/
    Hello there, only SrMods have the permission to reset passwords. Please be patient until a SrMod goes through them.
    @Flagy_ Please check pass resets and reset the pass for user "xTurtleLegit." I've been waiting for weeks. Please just take 5 minutes to reset my password. It'd be much appreciated as I am unable to access my account.
    Congrats on promotion drogonmc! Went from trial to mod so fast! Keep up the good work. Best regards, turtle
    @Flagy_ can you take time to read my pass reset.. Been waiting weeks for it. My user is xTurtleLegit
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