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Recent content by bbbbbb

  1. bbbbbb

    Creative update creative

    Already suggested: But still upvoting this lmao
  2. bbbbbb

    lag machines lol

    This. Happening for months already and nothing is done about it, this is, after all, the neglected gamemode of jartex and i guess its going to stay that way
  3. bbbbbb

    Why is creative so cringe?

    This is a very informative thread and is totally very useful for the creative community! Rejoice everyone, as we meet the revelation that shall dawn upon us! Let our new god of creative, epicfactionsking or whatever his name is, show us the way and pave our path to glory and greatness!
  4. bbbbbb


  5. bbbbbb

    Wand not working well anymore :(

    If it placed the blocks after you did //set and they were just invisible (but still there) just try to relog and see if they appear
  6. bbbbbb

    Lmaooo c.c

    Lmaooo c.c
  7. bbbbbb

    Hello There I have A Little Question.

    Like updating the server version, we're on 1.15 if you're not aware of that. Also, check this out:
  8. bbbbbb

    Hello There I have A Little Question.

    I ask myself the same question everytime too, though i would prefer updates over resets as resets destroys the hard work that players have put in to their builds.
  9. bbbbbb

    My build in the owner's plot!

    Just wanted to share a small board that i made in an owner's plot that will be used for a staff list, you can visit this at /2 v voodootje0 :D Thank you @ovq and @Rodagave for this amazing opportunity!!
  10. bbbbbb

    Creative Armor stand chunk limit

    Minecraft Username: bbbbbbb What is your suggestion's title? Armor stand chunk limit Suggestion Details: Limit the amount of armor stands that can exist in a single chunk to an amount between 20-30 How could this idea help improve JartexNetwork? Armor stands can be abused to make lag machines...