Update Creative - Reset | April The 19TH 2020

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May 2, 2016

Creative - JartexNetwork 2020
We recommend joining with version 1.15 for the best experience!

Creative Release | April 19th, 2020

Hello, players of JartexNetwork,

You probably wouldn't have guessed it..., what we will reset this time, it hasn't been reset for over three years now! In this announcement, I'd like to announce a long-overdue reset for our creative server! This reset aims at fixing all the crash exploits and issues causing players not to be able to enjoy creative to its full potential.

It will also be the day we say goodbye to that 100 gigabytes, 1.8 old, 3 years, old creative world. And welcome a new and fresh creative server in the latest possible Minecraft version 1.15!

The new and updated creative server now not only includes all-new blocks from the latest Minecraft version, but we also fixed a lot of missing permission, which was suggested by many people.

Please note that we are aware that the scoreboard will only work correctly on version 1.15! Versions below will the scoreboard not fully function.
For world edit, we will now be using the standard world edit version with block limits, since FAWE isn't up to date with 1.15 yet. Once FAWE is released, will this be installed, and will all world edit limits be removed.

You would like to start the new reset well? With a free rank or some free store credit?
A twitter giveaway is here below

Let's not make it longer and go straight to what we have updated:

  • NEW! Builds
    • The new map will feature a brand new spawn!
    • New plot road design.
    • Preloaded all the chunks of the world.
  • NEW! Plots updated
    • Bigger plots 101 x 101
    • 50 blocks high plot
  • FIX! Server crash
    • Fixed crash issue with spam dropping items.
    • Furnace crasher
    • CrashChest fix
    • CustomPayLoad spam fix
    • Ender Pearl and SnowBall crash fix
  • NEW! New permissions
    There were a lot of permissions that were missing we did our best to now add most of the permission for the best creative experience, if there is however still something you are missing can you always suggest adding it! We now have added what we found listed on the forums but I'm sure this wasn't everything missing.
    • Plot flag permissions ( A lot! )
        • plots.set.flag
        • plots.flag
        • plots.flag.add
        • plots.flag.remove
        • plots.flag.list
        • plots.set.flag.titles.*
        • plots.set.flag.greeting.*
        • plots.set.flag.farewell.*
        • plots.set.flag.notify-enter.*
        • plots.set.flag.notify-leave.*
        • plots.set.flag.feed.*
        • plots.set.flag.heal.*
        • plots.set.flag.invincible.*
        • plots.set.flag.instabreak.*
        • plots.set.flag.gamemode
        • plots.set.flag.gamemode.creative
        • plots.set.flag.gamemode.survival
        • plots.set.flag.gamemode.adventure
        • plots.set.flag.time.*
        • plots.set.flag.disable-physics.*
        • plots.set.flag.pve.*
        • plots.set.flag.pvp.*
        • plots.set.flag.explosion.*
        • plots.set.flag.hostile-interact.*
        • plots.set.flag.hostile-attack.*
        • plots.set.flag.player-interact.*
        • plots.set.flag.animal-interact.*
        • plots.set.flag.animal-attack.*
        • plots.set.flag.tamed-interact.*
        • plots.set.flag.tamed-attack.*
        • plots.set.flag.misc-interact.*
        • plots.set.flag.hanging-place.*
        • plots.set.flag.hanging-break.*
        • plots.set.flag.vehicle-use.*
        • plots.set.flag.vehicle-place.*
        • plots.set.flag.vehicle-break.*
        • plots.set.flag.break.*
        • plots.set.flag.use.*
        • plots.set.flag.forcefield.*
        • plots.set.flag.price.*
    • Plot deny permissions
    • Plot inbox & comment permissions
    • /skull permission
    • /ptime permission
    • gamemodes permission
    • [item] permission
    • [inventory] permissions
    • staff permissions to bypass certain restrictions.
    • updated donater permissions
    • and a lot more!
  • NEW! Settings
    It was already a possible feature on most of our servers but this wasn't possible yet on creative!
    • Toggle on/off the scoreboard
    • Toggle messages on/off
    • Toggle payments on/off
  • UPDATED! Head database
    • There are tons of new heads!
    • Total of 20.000+ heads now
    • Easy to use GUI with multiple tabs and pages
  • NEW! Blocks
    Since creative hasn't been updated for over 3 years, was creative a lot of versions behind, this did also mean a lot of the new blocks that are added in the new versions were missing. With the new update for 1.15 is all new blocks now added, you, however, need to use the newest Minecraft version!
    • Stripped Wood
    • PurPur blocks
    • All types of stairs
    • Bee Nests
    • Terracotta
    • Concrete
    • Concrete Powder
    • Different types of coral
    • Different types of signs
    • Different colors bed
    • Campfires
    • Bells
    • And much more!
    NEW! Ingame Shop
    • Buy extra plots with ingame money
    • Buy extra worldedit time with ingame money
    • Buy extra perks with ingame money!
  • Aesthetic Changes
    • Added information messages
    • Updated & customized messages
    • New help messages
    • Updated scoreboard with new information
      • Worldedit timer in scoreboard
      • Playtime in scoreboard
Use version 1.15 for the updated scoreboard! In versions below will the scoreboard bug!
  • NEW! Roleplay features.
    We saw your suggestions about adding something extra on creative somethings that could be useful for roleplay, so we did we added a bunch of different features for it!
    • /marry
    • /kiss
    • /hug
    • /female (gives pink chat name)
    • /male (gives aqua chat name)
    • /normal (no gender selected)
    • /rename to rename items into roleplay items
  • UPDATED! PlotSquared
    • Added support for material tags/categories in flags
    • Improve /plot flag info and /plot flag list
    • Fixed untrusted-visit
    • Added a chat flag handling plot chat
    • Make PlotSqaured events platform agnostic
    • Make the PlotSquared events tidier
    • Fixed biome setting
    • Improve the code base internally by removing a bunch of magic values, and increasing code encapsulation
    • Fixed issue where Bukkit world API was interacted with asynchronously, which caused PlotSquared augmented generation to fail when using recent Paper builds
    • Lots of other minor changes...
  • NEW! Updated cosmetics
    • Added trails
    • Updated disguises

      And more!

      That's about it from our end, and a big thanks to you all for being so patient!
Please note: Any suggestions for changes feel free to leave them in the comments.

Too much information? Ready to play Jartex?!
Log onto and just select your gamemode and PLAY!

If you have feedback or any suggestion, let us know we'd love to make this as good as we can.

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