Update Minigames - Competitive Clans Update | September The 1st 2021

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Feb 15, 2021
a permanent booster reward would be nice when you get a high placing, just to make all that work worth it


Apr 1, 2021

Clans - JartexNetwork
September 1st | 2021

Hello, dear JartexNetwork players!

It is time for a big update on all of our minigames. The long awaited clan update is finally here.
We will be launching this new update with a Beta Season. More information about this season will be further in this post.
This clans update brings a lot of new strategy to all of our minigames, so good luck to everyone, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we did when creating this amazing update.

With a public beta we will keep track of all sorts of statistics and data to balance out the first official season in a best way possible, so hop online and compete in this first official beta season of clans.

We happily and proudly announce that the official new Clans update will be launching on:

September 1st 2021

🛡️ Clans have been added to minigames
This has been on our TODO list for quite some time, and we have taken our time to make clans something unique, something you will want to try out. Clans are something nobody expected it to be. In some ways you might be familiar with the ways a clan will work, but we have added a lot of special aspects to make minigames worth the grind with you and your friends.​
Here is a list of all the new features that clans will bring to all three of our minigames. This update is globally applied on BedWars, SkyWars & TheBridge.​
To get started simply type /clan in one of our minigames.​
⌚ Clan Season 0 - The beta season
SIn order to make the upcoming seasons as balanced as possible we will be rolling out clans with a beta season. This beta season, unlike all other seasons will end on September 21st so not at the end of the month.​
Personal rewards will be given to all clans that competed in the clan top. And we will be giving out manually exclusive rewards to the clans that have placed as the top 10 clans in this beta season.​
After the beta seasons end the following will happen:​
Clans will be unavailable until October.
We will be taking the time to make some needed adjustments based on the community feedback, so that we can start the first official season in October without any problems.​
Clans will be reset.​
You will lose everything from your clan, including your clan members. Your coins, upgrades, level and everything around the clan will be fully reset. You will keep your clan and the selected clan tag but everything else will be removed.​
🏆 Clan Trophies - Climb the leaderboards
Something we have always wanted to have in minigames is something to compete for, like most of our games have a top system implemented. Minigames right now only has had leaderboards to grind for, but we felt like a journey to the top with your friends for some awesome exclusive rewards is something the community needs.​
With this new clan system you will be able to compete in the clan top.​
Toggle your gamestyle.
Are you going for some sweaty 24cps combos? Ready to win some games? Great, enable your Trophy Mode in the /clan menu.​
Once the mode has been enabled you will be able to gain Clan Trophies. But this comes with a catch, in order to be the best you ofcourse need to be able to beat the others. When playing for clan trophies, and you lose, you will lose some of your earned clan trophies as well, a high risk high reward system.​
Compete in automated seasons.​
In order to make this competition in minigames smoothly we decided to take it a different approach. All of the seasons will be fully automated. A new season starts as soon as the month ends, so each season is exactly a month.​
Get rewarded for your grind.
After a season has ended you will receive some amazing rewards for yourself and your clan, the higher your tier, the better the rewards are. Gain loads of coins for all of our minigames, earn extra brains, you might need them, and you can even compete for exclusive seasonal clan cosmetics. These cosmetics will be only available throughout a clan season.​
📚 Clan Seasons - Fully automated rewards and clan resets
As mentioned before clans will be operating in automated seasons. Each season will have a set of rewards that will stay the same for all seasons, but every season will also have special and exclusive cosmetic boxes as a reward for the best performing clans that season. You can view all of your previous played seasons in your clan menu.​
After the end of a season all clans their trophies will be reset and the grind starts over.​
🌟 Clan Divisions - Climb the ladder as you go
Climb the ladders of clan divisions with the amount of trophies you have. Currently there are 10 available divisions that you can climb towards to with your clan. These divisions are:
And some special tiers for only the real competitors:
Top 50
Top 3
Top 2
Top 1
The higher your clan tier at the end of a season the better the reward you will receive.
After a season ends your clan division will be reset to Trainee once again.
This division will also be displayed in all of your clan menus with a 'division border', just a little touch to always be reminded of what you and your clanmates have achieved so far!
💸 Clan Shop - Enhance your clan even more
Play games for your clan trophies in order to earn some Clan Coins and Clan Experience.
These clan coins can be spend in your clan shop. There are currently 5 available clan upgrades:
Clan Bank Storage
Upgrade the amount of coins that can be stored inside your clan bank.
Clan Member Slots
Increase the amount of members in your clan.
Loot Box Chance Upgrade
Increase the chance of your and your clan members finding a Loot Box ingame.​
Clan Coins Upgrade
Multiply the earned clan coins from games.​
Clan Experience Upgrade.
Multiply the earned clan experience from games.​
NOTE! During the beta season these upgrades will be available for anyone, there might be some restrictions after the beta season on some available upgrades.​
🧸 Clan Cosmetics - Exclusive cosmetic rewards
Each season there will be some new available clan cosmetics that you can obtain from seasonal rewards and the rewarded Clan Loot Boxes. Clan Loot Boxes are exactly as a normal Loot Box, but they contain the exclusive clan cosmetics. In order to obtain these cosmetics you will have to compete and score well in a season to have a shot at getting them, so get out your diamond swords and start the grind.
Will you be the one flexing your first season #1 reward with a shiny win effect?
🗺️ Clan Customization - Manage your clan to your needs
A clan would not be your place if you could not customize it, so we added plenty of features for you to customize the clan to your needs.
Change the clans MOTD and it's color to notify all your members when they join, give every player a shiny clan tag so that everyone can represent the clan they are playing for.
Toggle certain permissions for Clan Commanders, ban people from your clan, or mute them from the clan chat, your clan is your place and you decide how the place runs, so step up and become a real Clan Leader.
🔥 ...and much more!
Theres plenty of more small features that you can explore with this new clan system, so what are you waiting for. Play this first beta season and let us know what you think of it, we love to hear from you guys what your first impressions and experience is with this new system.
A thank you for the others who also worked on this big update:
Botervrij Botervrij - Coding most of the needed structure for this system.
Nirahz Nirahz - Leading gameplay design.
stupxd stupxd & NotLoLo1818 NotLoLo1818 - Assisting gameplay design.
and Team Minigames for the testing

Too much information? Ready to play Jartex?!
Log onto and just select your game mode and PLAY!

If you have feedback or any suggestion, let us know we'd love to make this as good as we can.
Thank you
Have been waiting for this update.This is gonna ne awesome !


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Jun 6, 2021
I will propably be in a clan with rLilJesus rLilJesus , Rodatake Rodatake , Bilaso123 Bilaso123 , jackoryan jackoryan and Xstreamspeed. These people are cool. Can't wait for the update to come out.


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Jun 28, 2020
Imagine if clan wars are gonna be a thing soon.
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