Update TheBridge - Release | August The 24TH 2020

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May 2, 2016

TheBridge - JartexNetwork 2020

TheBridge - Release | August The 24TH 2020

Hello, players of JartexNetwork,

After a recent poll within our discord server, which one you can join by clicking here for more news! Did we see massive interest in a new minigame!
So here we are delivering a brand new minigame to jartex! The Bridge!

This new minigame could be a total new gamemode for you since it has never been seen before on jartexnetwork. If you, however, used to be an old player of the mcgamerzone server, could this bring back numerous memories! We are returning the bridge in a new and more up-to-date version, while (for now) giving the old feeling, by reusing the old maps from back then, this will hopefully give some old players the nostalgic feel of what they had!

We will now release this gamemode with its old maps to see if everything will run smoothly, if everything is set up the way it should be and all potential bugs fixed. We however feel like the old maps may be outdated, so there are already some brand new maps in the works. The new maps will be released as soon as everything is running smoothly and without bugs. so stay tuned for that!

Below, we will explain more and better how this minigame works, and how the bridge is played!

So what is this the bridge gamemode? For anyone that is new and doesn't know what the bridge is here is a quick explanation.

There are 2 teams in the game, known as red and blue. Players can easily be distinguished between teams by the color of leather they wear. In addition to this, players on the same team cannot inflict damage upon each other. There are 16 players per team, which leads to a maximum player count of 32 players per server.

The island is your base where you will find useful facilities such as furnaces, anvils, potion stands, enchantment tables. In order to stay alive, there will be melons and mushrooms which grow automatically without necessary replanting. In a similar concept of survival, the player is given the ability to craft items and weapons depending on the resources found on the island such as wood, cobblestone, iron, or diamond. The island and its environmental features are a core part of a team's victory.

The bridge is located near the center of the map which connects the two islands together. As a default route, the bridge is the fastest way to reach the enemy's island whilst being detected and vulnerable to multiple enemy attacks. Most or nearly all main bridges contain parts of TNT which allow the destruction of the bridge to kill or create more obstacles for your enemy. The bridge is seen to be the most commonplace for enemy engagement as a few diamond ore may be located in the center of the bridge. Underneath the main bridge, there is a smaller pathway that also connects both islands together through underground tunnels.

The Nexus (an endstone block) is the only power source capable of sustaining life on the island allowing trees, plants and melons to grow. Once destroyed, all hope will be lost. Your life depends on it! The Nexus is surrounded by a structure of fences to attach it to the island, however, it is open for the enemies to attack. Upon reaching 0, the Nexus will be destroyed and the game will end. The Nexus can only easily be destroyed by using a pickaxe stronger than the material of stone. Whilst destroying the Nexus, you are extremely vulnerable to enemies.

After approximately 30 minutes of struggle, if no team manages to destroy their enemy's Nexus, the game will proceed to the End Game phase. At this stage, every 20 seconds that passes by will destroy 1 health point from both team's Nexus. The team will lose if their Nexus reaches 0 first, thus it is at this time where players should focus on damaging their enemy's Nexus by at-least 1 health point below their own nexus health.

There are currently 22 kits that have been implemented in the game. 2 of which (Warrior & Ranger) are free and can be played with no stats or tokens required.
You are able to purchase those kits all in the thebridge shop in the main lobbies, the kits can be unlocked with tokens or tasks you have to follow!

We hope you enjoy the minigame and have a lot of fun playing! We look forward to your feedback on this topic through your suggestions.

When you found a bug we would request you to fill out a bug report at our bug reports section found here (click). When creating a bug report we would also request you to fill in the report as detailed as possible, and with proof if possible. With a detailed explanation, we will be able to fix the bugs as soon as possible.

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