Prison Tips 2020


Feb 27, 2017
Some fixes:
By doing /shop u will get a gui to buy all different kinds up blocks and can start building on your plot.

Token Booster:
U can find Token boosters on the right after walking a little path on the spawn. They will gamble tokens and u can gain even more.
boosters arent gamble now

Since the explosive enchant got recoded, here it is a little bit better:

Level 51
Level 101
Level 501
Level 751
Level 1001
Level 1200
Level 1500
Level 1700
Level 1800
explo doesnt get better at 1001, 751=1200
Will make your Pickaxe not break as fast. You can also add a Immortal scroll on your pick to stop the breaking process at all.
Charge can be upgraded till level 1000.
nope, immortal does nothing
Drug Lord:
Drugs harvested with this enchantment will drop more seeds / heads. This enchant goes up to lvl 15 Prestige 1 is required
DL doesnt increase the seed drop
u can start opening a token shop for 2 - 4 billion a token.
Third step:
Now upgrade your pickaxe to tokengreed 28 - 36 ( depens on how u like to farm.)
the next big step will be to get your pickaxe up to level 501 explosive. That might take some time, but the result will be mind blowing and will help u in the next few steps.
Now u level up tokengreed to the max if u havent alrdy and focus on getting some tokens to get at least level 200 fortune ( 250 would be better ) that will take u around 8000- 10000 tokens which will be like 1 - 2 hours farming with your pickaxe.
4-5+ hours*
Fourth and hardest step:
Get your pickaxe up to level 1001 explosive, this will increase your pickaxe explosion up to 3-4x the explosive u own right now and bassicly let u one tap your inventory. Token farming at this level would be around 2000-4000/h normal mining and 8000-10000/h token mining. ( by now buying backpacks is a must have to not 24/7 fly to the seller. )
explo 1201*
token farming is already 7k/hr for me and i dont even have explo 1201 so its probably much more than 8k-10k
Sixth step:
Get your explosive to lvl 1800 and u bassicly won the game. Your inventory will fill in like no time even tho if u have all 3 backpacks on the max (30050
slots ) the only thing that is left is to upgrade your fortune a bit more. By this time u might already be rank Y or already have prestiged, but the next prestige will go in no time.
like you havent already reached P11 for explo 1.8k xD
Drugs give you a specific % of cash depending on your current rank and once u done delivering the specific drug u will be rewarded with a money or token boosters which can be anything from 1,5x - 3x 5 to 20 minutes. Those are personal boosters so don't worry about giving others an advantage.
specificly 0.015% per batch (0.03% for canna, 0.045% for cocaine)


Staff member
Aug 31, 2016
Drug lord increases seeds,
immortal is working for such things
and the token booster is still a gamble thing. Its 1 before the stats on prestige top etc. This token booster isnt meant as /booster but as gamble.
the rest I accept