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  1. necacepac

    VoteTop Top Voters | April 2019

    This is a competition , every advantage u can get is good ,and if u rly want to try hard for votetop u must know times or in other words ppl who know times won't say anything bcs they are fine with what they are getting.
  2. necacepac

    VoteTop Top Voters | April 2019

    AS i said u need to know timers on sites 2 sites have 12h timer and rest on 18 or 24 no need to be confused
  3. necacepac

    VoteTop Top Voters | April 2019

    It's timing m8 they got it via legit way so no need to cry about it rn ,if you don't know all vote times why are you even trying?
  4. necacepac

    Warned for advertising my island twice, and now muted for spamming when i was trying to auction something? TY staff

    2+ is spam if you think that u got falsely warned u should of made a staff report or something not spam and ask how are everyone can do but not you.
  5. necacepac

    Competition Skyblock Dream - IslandTop Results | March the 24TH 2019

    I broke eco easy first started upping price of rare keys and first got xp to 1:30 so ye <3
  6. necacepac

    Competition Skyblock Dream - IslandTop Results | March the 24TH 2019

    GG good season everyone let's hope u change something next season bcs this was too ez GL to everyone in next season
  7. necacepac

    Competition Prison Gang Top - Results

    gg gl next time xD
  8. necacepac

    Competition Skyblock Fantasy Island Top - Results

    Be happy delano u sold ur life for 50 euros lmao
  9. necacepac

    <*> Giveaway Ended <*> 12 Billion Dolla Island <*>

    Good luck to everyone!
  10. necacepac

    Competition Skyblock Fantasy - Payout #4 | December the 16th 2018

    eZ LLL to delano can't even win with merging HAHAHAHAAHH
  11. necacepac

    Update Prison - Reset | November the 24TH 2018

    I have few suggestions,so let's start: 1)Make it so gf's can make their nick bolded 2)Make command where u can change ur colors of enchants /setenchant color 3)Add command where u can see how much tokens u need for ench for example(/get price fortune 100-1000) 4)Idk did u guys add this but add...
  12. necacepac

    Update Skyblock Fantasy - Reset | October the 20TH 2018

    Maybe time to try out fantasy??!?
  13. necacepac

    Competition FactionTop - Results

    GG JewControl
  14. necacepac

    Competition Island Top - Results

    U are crazy if u think any of us are mad lmao,we can't be mad we won after all that happend.