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  1. Lord_Wysym_II

    [KitPvP Rework]

    i do not agree with the Sharpness 3 idea because Yijki set is too OP sharpness 3 will not do anything against it so the fight will be taller and the armor will Brake more and people will not get Yijki kills .
  2. Lord_Wysym_II

    [KitPvP Rework]

    the only thing i didnt like is more detailed map because someplayers have potato PC so they will quit because of it
  3. Lord_Wysym_II


    it will stay also after reset
  4. Lord_Wysym_II

    VoteTop Top Voters | March 2019

    when i will get my giftcard GunFire
  5. Lord_Wysym_II

    VoteTop Top Voters | March 2019

    omg i am at #5 place :eek::eek: :dabma:
  6. Lord_Wysym_II

    Banned for caming

    It mean that you make base and hide on it in PractisePvP and stay on it and this is Banable If you want to get unban you can buy unban or make an unban appeal
  7. Lord_Wysym_II

    The 4th vote dont work for me, he said not a valid player name pls fix this

    Try to PM Staff on Discoard/ Jartex Website
  8. Lord_Wysym_II

    Some Guy is in my account and not letting me get in. PLEASE HELP

    ReDazable If this not your login msg staff on discoard or on the website and ask him for help
  9. Lord_Wysym_II

    VoteTop Top Voters | January 2019

    I receive it It's ok
  10. Lord_Wysym_II

    VoteTop Top Voters | Novemeber 2018

    yes in all thing
  11. Lord_Wysym_II

    VoteTop Top Voters | Novemeber 2018

    GG sixth here
  12. Lord_Wysym_II

    What happened to all the custom enchants?

    its in SkyBlockDream Not In SkyBlockFantasy