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  1. Vessalie

    Why can't people in Creative speak English?

    You can speak your language in, plot chat, /msg and party chat but not public chat. For more information about the rules check it out here - Thread locked.
  2. Vessalie

    [KitPvP Rework]

    I would love to see EVERYTHING you put on there to actually come out on Jartex, +1.
  3. Vessalie

    Who's ur favorite staff member on Jartex?

    Ily 2
  4. Vessalie

    Msg me on disc: Vessalie#2763

    Msg me on disc: Vessalie#2763
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  6. Vessalie

    I suggest you listen to this song.

    Pretty old song, but how people say, old but gold ;)
  7. Vessalie

    any mod admin?? need help!

    I messaged you on forums with the screenshot of how much alts you have, thread locked.
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    Thread locked, suggest this here ->
  9. Vessalie

    Facts about hacking.

    Thread locked
  10. Vessalie

    Good luck

    Good luck
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    Forums is dead

    Nope it's not xd
  13. Vessalie

    JartexNetwork | Epic Moments & Crazy Block Clutches

    Chriiist that was the content I was always looking for, amazing effort and video. Keep it up and make more! Liked and subbed :3
  14. Vessalie

    Queries about Hyperium Client

    It is allowed.
  15. Vessalie

    Banned.. Then Expired.. But Still Banned..

    You need to try to change your ip.
  16. Vessalie

    Reporting a Mustafak6271

    You need video proof of the person cheating, if you do report he person here - > .
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  18. Vessalie

    Cannoning Guide (Easy Raids Guaranteed!)

    Great tutorial! Already took out nUg by this tutorial!
  19. Vessalie

    I'd turn trans for you <3

    I'd turn trans for you <3
  20. Vessalie

    Faction Guide (F Top 1 Guaranteed!)