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  1. natty_sword

    <*> Giveaway Ended <*> 12 Billion Dolla Island <*>

    Hello everyone! As Skyblock Fantasy competition had come to an end, on behave of rest of my team we have decided to give ownership of the island to someone else due to we won't be playing there anymore. Our island currently 12+ Billion value, and has over 930 villager spawners, 300+ Ghasts...
  2. natty_sword

    Moderator Introduction - natty_sword

    Hello there, This is my quick introduction for those who may not know me. Name > Nathan. IGN > natty_sword How long I've been on JartexNetwork? > I've been playing Jartex for over 2 years now. What gamemode do I play and why? > As some of you may know, I am a massive Skyblock Dream player...