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  1. Evergreen_MC

    Prison Far lost crystals

    +1, I agree crystals can't be useless they should be of some use.
  2. Evergreen_MC

    Replace voting links

    Minecraft Username: Evergreen_MC What is your suggestion's title? Replace voting links Suggestion Details: Greetings everyone, 2nd and 5th voting links which require at least 15s to accept vote should be replaced by other quick voting sites link the rest 4links(excluding 2nd one which...
  3. Evergreen_MC

    Prison Prison crystals and mine suits

    Hello, in prison when we mine a lot we get crystals which were earlier used for buying items from mystery man, but now exp is used. But still when we mine we get crystals and in auction house it also used as currency. But basically it has no use until I found out that it can be used to get mine...
  4. Evergreen_MC

    [Staff Report: Lack of Knowledge and Experience Among Admins on Jartex Network Minecraft Prison Server]

    Hmmm something really should be done in this regard.
  5. Evergreen_MC

    Too many bugs in Prison.

    Get get the pickaxe from kingpin once kit which can be claimed by kingpin players for only one plus they get lot of tokens from it.
  6. Evergreen_MC

    Fuels dropped by mob in soul cave

    How to use the fuels which are dropped from killing mobs in soul cave ? I don't know what to do with it.
  7. Evergreen_MC

    Problem with key backpack

    It's just a bug and I have faced it too. It happens only sometimes and to reduce it its better that whenever you login to play you should right click all your backpacks. I mean open them this might reduce the chance of bug. ~Evergreen_MC
  8. Evergreen_MC

    Too many bugs in Prison.

    Yeach ofc, they will have access to all ranked mines and daily kit plus other good stuffs making it easier to grind.
  9. Evergreen_MC

    Elbedo not making a mid seasonal highlight ?

    What is thread about and why is it unnecessarily open please close it.
  10. Evergreen_MC


  11. Evergreen_MC

    You're skibidi

    You're skibidi
  12. Evergreen_MC


  13. Evergreen_MC

    Update Prison - Reset | May The 3rd 2024

    Let's go
  14. Evergreen_MC

    Discord staff role

    Minecraft Username: Evergreen_MC What is your suggestion's title? Discord staff role Suggestion Details: Hello, I have came up with the idea of getting new discord role that is discord staff. Its difficult for staff to look both ingame and discord so if we have staff specifically fir both if...
  15. Evergreen_MC

    Global Friend alerts

  16. Evergreen_MC

    Gang Experience?

  17. Evergreen_MC

    Gang Experience?