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  1. BigBossOtt


    Hey @xTSm...
  2. BigBossOtt


  3. BigBossOtt


  4. BigBossOtt

    nuh uh ❌

    nuh uh ❌
  5. BigBossOtt

    Ready For Survival Reset💪

    Ready For Survival Reset💪
  6. BigBossOtt


    You need to right-click on that gkit that you want to preview (tysm).
  7. BigBossOtt


    If you type /gkits, you can see.
  8. BigBossOtt
  9. BigBossOtt


    I agree that it's a big problem that gkits are uncommon, but all gkits, including the miner gkit, are incredibly strong and give you 12 nethrite blocks (108 ingots) every week. Since it can be purchased from a store or obtained from crates (how fortunate you are!), I think the current gkit...
  10. BigBossOtt

    Lmao :ROFLMAO:

    Lmao :ROFLMAO:
  11. BigBossOtt

    @Zaki445566 HaLpEr :)

    @Zaki445566 HaLpEr :)
  12. BigBossOtt

    Lifesteal Lifesteal Tweaks

    Yes, you are right. We have discussed it and we have an idea about how we can fix this easily. As you can see in the following image, it shows my max hearts, but we have no need for it because we can see any player's hearts by simply pressing tab or using commands like "/profile xyz." So we came...
  13. BigBossOtt

    Seasonal Crate Scam

    hey @Minecraftian , They are virtual keys. not physical, you need that crate physically available to open it.
  14. BigBossOtt

    Seasonal Crate Scam

    Sadly, you won't get anything. maybe they will just add them in some days as they are supposed to be "seasonal", and the thing about refunding gold is not possible. As like you, anyone can say that I brought 1x keys, i brought 10x keys, but it does not work like that. don't take my words i'm not...
  15. BigBossOtt

    Do you support the LGBTQ?

    Run, Run, Hex Code user is here
  16. BigBossOtt


    Hey @123DEVILpro123, I hope you are doing good. ♣ here are some of the fastest ways to get money. - Make a farm and start planting the custom seeds you get at your level. After they grow, farm them and sell them in the shop. - sell ore's. You can mine for ore's and sell...
  17. BigBossOtt

    How to level up pets

    Using a pet continuously will upgrade its level.
  18. BigBossOtt

    How go pass the heart limit

    Hey @Astrod hope you are doing well to pass the heart limit of 30 You need to /prestige After doing that, you will see a decrease in your hearts, but after you kill more players again u will gain hearts , you will notice that you can now get 31 hearts. You can repeat this process when you...
  19. BigBossOtt

    For Original Minecraft

    Jartex is a cracked server. Most of the players play on cracked Minecraft. players who have Premium they can see each other's skins, but it's not the same with cracked players. If you wanna suggest something, you can do it HERE
  20. BigBossOtt

    About potions

    Type /potions When you are in Jartex Lifesteal, you can see all the recipes for potions and their effects. If you wanna know more about Lifesteal, make sure you read this. CLICK Here