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  1. Cabian

    Prison Welcome To.. The Catacombs!

    I'll go Neutral since the concept of prison is to mine and that minions would be bit broken.
  2. Cabian

    Blocks not breaking

    Try to check your ping, it might be you're lagging thats why you can't mine blocks.
  3. Cabian

    Denied Prison Prison maildelivery

    +1 Its absolutely annoying when you have to claim it one by one when you have pages of deliveries.
  4. Cabian

    Denied Removing queue for ranked players.

    ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ
  5. Cabian

    block breaking bug

    Your 450 broken blocks in Level is rawblocks, means the blocks you mined without the help of any custom enchants Explo JH etc.
  6. Cabian

    Denied Removing queue for ranked players.

    I think they made queue for bots so it won't harm letting ranked people bypass queue
  7. Cabian

    Denied Removing queue for ranked players.

    Minecraft Username: Akashi_ What is your suggestion's title? Removing queue for ranked players. Suggestion Details: Since they added a queue for some reason, ranked players should have the perk to bypass the queue. How could this idea help improve JartexNetwork? This will save some...
  8. Cabian

    Denied Global Detection of player with seasonal or permanent rank

    -1 I don't see how its gonna improve jartex + what's the point knowing if their ranks is seasonal.
  9. Cabian

    Update Prison - Reset | July The 22nd 2022

    I guess you can't visit a pmine with prestige mine set in it without having the required prestige.
  10. Cabian

    Denied Make /jseen available for all but they can only see their own playtime.

    +1 It'll be good for some players who want to see how much they played jartex without asking a staff to check it and for some people who want to flex how much they nolife.
  11. Cabian


    Stellar is bugged, you can't get star crates while mining with full set of stellar.
  12. Cabian

    Why I can't be able to pick the dropped items

    Try to /itemfilter toggle if you still can't pick it up try to relog
  13. Cabian

    Denied Survival SBD Prison Chest Shops Notification

    No, its always been like that
  14. Cabian

    Denied Survival SBD Prison Chest Shops Notification

    Minecraft Username: Akashi_ What is your suggestion's title? Chest Shops Notification Suggestion Details: When someone sold something to your chest shop there's a notification showing like this: " {Player} sold 64 Skull Item:3#a for 10,000,000 to you." My suggestion is instead of showing the...
  15. Cabian

    Denied Store Seasonal Ranks Upgrade.

    Minecraft Username: Akashi_ What is your suggestion's title? Seasonal Ranks Upgrade. Suggestion Details: Since you can't rank upgrade Seasonal ranks anymore, there should be a feature where you can upgrade your Seasonal rank into Permanent one. The upgrade price should be half the price of the...
  16. Cabian

    Duplicate Prison Hitman Special Set rework

    +1 Just add punch bow and arrows in hitman set It'll make prison pvp funner with punch bows.
  17. Cabian

    Prison Adding PvE To Prisons

    +1 Welcome to Prison Dream ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎
  18. Cabian

    Denied Immortal Factions Survival SBF SBD Prison KitPvP Jartex Gold

    By trading gold voucher in-game, for example people sells in-game stuff for giftcard / store items and they doing the trade either the buyer or the seller will go first or they can ask a staff as a midman. With gold voucher they can just trade it in-game
  19. Cabian

    Update Prison - Reset | June The 3rd 2022

    I think its better to swap them, Soul leech will give 5% chance for a soul mob to drop 5 soul gems and Soul Bane will deal extra damage to players inside the soul cave.
  20. Cabian

    Denied Immortal Factions Survival SBF SBD Prison KitPvP Jartex Gold

    Minecraft Username: Akashi_ What is your suggestion's title? Jartex Gold Suggestion Details: Being able to withdraw Golds. So basically you can just type /gold withdraw {amount} to withdraw gold balance you have. This will make selling stuff for buycraft much easier and also to prevent...