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  1. AutumnBomb1111


    What he said was completely incorrect. Stars are used for buying custom enchant books from /enchanter. You can buy galaxy book [ 75,000 stars as of now ] with your stars You can also trade or sell your stars by making them into a cheque with the command /starwithdraw [amount]
  2. AutumnBomb1111

    its a team which does not exist

    its a team which does not exist
  3. AutumnBomb1111

    Denied Already Suggested BedWars Things to Add

    Already Suggested | Denied So Its a -1
  4. AutumnBomb1111


  5. AutumnBomb1111

    GG mate!

    GG mate!
  6. AutumnBomb1111


    By filling up your username and completing a captcha [ if there is one ]
  7. AutumnBomb1111

    missing ULTRA KEY

    Be patient it will get looked onto!
  8. AutumnBomb1111

    missing ULTRA KEY

    Hey @vx_nethergamer try making a bug report here —-> with enough proof!
  9. AutumnBomb1111

    Staff can you NOT CAMP SURVIVAL?

    Yes, what alex said is true, they are not moderating they are playing on survival
  10. AutumnBomb1111

    Denied Discord Known member role

    @Oh_myminecraft is true about that !
  11. AutumnBomb1111

    Denied Survival Weekly and Monthly kits

    You can change the kit a bit, but overall its an upvote
  12. AutumnBomb1111

    Denied Lobby delete lobby

    Hey @JerryMine, First of all Moderators are not responsible for the lobby. The owners and developers are. Second, No the lobby does not need to be deleted if you think you are lagging use ethernet, better router/connection and reduce the background processes
  13. AutumnBomb1111

    Soon xd.

    Soon xd.
  14. AutumnBomb1111


    Hey @keiziiz_12 You need to suggest it here ---> [ It will get denied for sure, But you can try to suggest! ] ~Requesting For A Lock~
  15. AutumnBomb1111

    Denied BUHC Height Limit

    Hey @Lxno I downvoted this because it is already suggested and pending -->
  16. AutumnBomb1111

    Denied BedWars New trap

    -1, Reasons Stated Above by the community members!
  17. AutumnBomb1111

    Denied BedWars Final Kill effect

    @Pastori I decided to give -1 because: No effort in your suggestion
  18. AutumnBomb1111

    Denied Already Suggested BedWars In game items

    Hey I decided to give -1 According to the reasons give above by @Swervinngg
  19. AutumnBomb1111

    Denied KitPvP Map

    @gabb I decided to give a -1 due to the following reasons: No Effort In your suggestion The map is not laggy It will not get reset/changed any soon!
  20. AutumnBomb1111

    Reach Hackers In Eternal Factions

    Hey @Cqrh You can report them here --> With the proof @babyplatypus ~Requesting For A Lock~