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    hey :D
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    I think it's time to quit jartex for real now. I am very grateful for everyone I've met and for the great experience jartex has gave to me for over 1 and a half year now sooo peace ;(
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    England is my city memes

    England is my God church England is my skin color England is my house England is my neighborhood England is my language England is my couch England is my milky way England is my race England is my meme England is my gender England is my wife England is my son England is my duck City is my...
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    The "Apology" thread

    I apologize for everything bad I have done. Bye Jk I don't apologize fuck u, ur all randoms
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    #JartexAlert Schedule changes

    Hey guys it's me 3ndrit back again. I'm just here to tell you that the #JartexAlert Episodes will be every other Sunday like the next Sunday there won't be an episode and the other Sunday there will be one. I decided to change the schedule beacuse there's not really that much things to talk...
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    #JartexAlert Episode 002 o/

    It's ya Boi killer 3nDIRT Starr and let's get rooooooit into the news. Today we have a lot of things to talk about since I was a lazy ass and didn't want to make episode 2 for idfk There has been a lot of new and promoted staff members : ScreamerLV - Trial HeatRun - Trial Fugestly - Trial...
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    We are Cringenatic

    We are cringenatic We cheat We don't get VAC banned Expect us!
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    Don't ever buy a keyboard off a Chinese website
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    [Challenge] Kappa

    I thought how many Kappa ratings can I get on this post The goal is:15kappas maybe?
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    #JartexAlert Episode 001 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Hey guys its ya boi 3ndrit here and welcome to the first episode of #JartexAlert :D:D. Today im going to be talking about the 2 new gamemodes added (Pracitce and Bedwars) and loads of other things. P.s this might be not too long beacuse as i said i am banned and cant get enough information to...
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    Hey it's me and today I thought you would guys like. Soo I have thought of an idea called #JartexAlert,this is kinda an idea from other youtbers doing this on their server and the drama alert channel. This a thing I will be starting to do every week at Sunday's (no specific time) in the Off...
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    Nothing New.. Bye jartex

    So I have to tell you guys something not new from me but I'm quitting because jartex for me is boring now and I find HCF And other servers more Interesting. As I said i will play HCF now and never gonna comeback so feel free to perm ban me yayayayay. IDK why I'm doing this because no one...
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    Sup :V

    (WARNING:I can't even write an essay for winter so just keep this in mid ;-; ) So hey this is 3ndrit. My real name is Endrit,I'm Albanian and live in Macedonia-Skopje. I'm 13 (;-; ) and my birthday is soon on 27th March (hope youve got your presents ready) I've been playing jartex for around a...
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    Dont /leave when falling down off void!

    Well i was playing some Skywars games and i saw ppl doing this not only me but when you fall down the void you do /leave so the person doesnt get the Brain.i think tbh i saw staff/ytbers do this too but today when i fell down i did /leave and i almost got banned for doing it so this is a warning...
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    Well this thread is to tell you guys that im back beacuse many people started replying in my old thread which i quitted jartex (not the first time ;) ;p) and @Galpon_era closed it so i couldnt reply to it and tell you that im back ;-; but hey :p ps. if this gets closed then im done making threads
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    I'm Bored reply plz

    Hey I'm bored reply plz
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    Goodbyee Jartex :(

    soooo the time has come to say goodbye to this beautiful server with an awesome comunity and awesome staff. :( ive been playing jartex for almost a year and i mostly played Factions but then i went to Skyblock Dream to check it out and i met some really cool guys/girls (XD) like...