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  1. RaptideDyne

    Even Hackusated By FearTheRope!

    Hello, RaptideDyne's Here! So, I am Permanently Blacklisted From JartexNetwork due to Using Reach and Hacking all the time. and I am doing so efforts to proove myself as innocent, even lots of people supported me that I should make a Unban-Appeal, Sadly, I didn't had proof that I wasn't...
  2. RaptideDyne

    Hello, The PPVP Troll Here xD.

    Hi There! I am RaptideDyne. My Real Name is Sara Imtiaz, and I am 16 Years old College Girl. I am Mostly Active on Practice-KitPVP-Bedwars-Skywars-Creative. And I am sorry If someone being annoyed by me (In PPVP), cz everyone calls me Troll and Annoying. That's So Sad Btw. Anyways, If you have a...
  3. RaptideDyne

    1 Of the Biggest Reasons Why there are so many Hackers!

    Hi! I'm RaptideDyne Today I was playing in practice like Everyday then suddenly I got to 1v1 Edwinium who was a Legit player Before (He hacked against me). He was like an Average player in Practice but today he was also toggling reach, I have mods which show if someone is reaching (it shows the...
  4. RaptideDyne

    Thank you JartexNetwork!

    According to SummerBoi. only 11 of the Staff-Members can ban players only. Number of hackers Increasing every minute and only a Weak anticheat and 11 Moderators (who can actually ban players, others can only report like we do). Today, Me and my ELO Got Destroyed by A hacker SpookyLee ( 5 blocks...
  5. RaptideDyne

    I'm Done Getting My Stats Ruined By Hackers

    Dear Staff! I've been playing On Jartex for a while. (I've just joined Forums) My Question is How Can we deal with Hackers, Rule Breakers? Actually, Today is my worst day playing on JartexNetwork. I am Keep Getting Disrespected, Sexually Harrassed, Family Threatened and getting my games Ruined...
  6. RaptideDyne

    Pro Guide to Solo Bedwars.

    If you are a bedwars fan and you want to get better at it, then this post may change the way you play. Down below are some strategies I use and I want to share it with others. For Map Mushroom: 1) Get 12 irons and buy 48 wool. Go for Skybridge and go almost 12 blocks High The Benefits...
  7. RaptideDyne

    Fireball Jump, Perm Tools and More.

    Cast Your Votes Down Below. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Bedwars With Permanent Tools and 10 irons Stone Sword. Bedwars Without permanent tools and 20 irons Stone Sword...