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  1. PaceLV

    Helpful Custom Enchantments

    Hey everyone, some of the players don't know what some of the Custom Enchants mean, so I have decided to make a thread about all the enchants. Common Enchantments are worth 1,000 XP (You can buy this by tying /enchanter and you can buy it and then use it by right-clicking it.) The common...
  2. PaceLV

    New video Practice PvP

    Hey guys! check out my newest video on Jartex! View:
  3. PaceLV

    Jartex SkyWars

    Hey everyone! Here is a little Jartex SkyWars video from me...
  4. PaceLV

    Moderator Introduction - PaceLV

    Hello there! I am PaceLV also known as Pace. I really enjoy playing on JartexNetwork and being staff. You may PM me on Forums or Discord if any help needed. ~ PaceLV
  5. PaceLV

    Who's ur favorite staff member on Jartex?

    Who is the staff member you like the most and doing the best work for the server? Mine is @Voxl how about you? Reply down :voodoo::dabma: Last Edit: 20.09.2019
  6. PaceLV

    Pacex3 / Pacex Introduction

    Hello everyone! My real name is Peter i'm 14 and i really enjoy playing Minecraft and steam games, i kinda love watching films and playing games in the same time. I like Jartex server, and i play it alot. Like 8 hours a day XD. I love playing football and I'm from Macedonia (North Macedonia) GMT...