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  1. ExoCrafter123

    Did I just bully a poor hacker?

  2. ExoCrafter123

    Trial Introduction-ExoCrafter123

    Hello there, welcome to my introduction! I hope you guys are having a wonderful day and enjoy JartexNetwork! What's my username and how should I call you? My username is ExoCrafter123, but you can call me Exo for short incall if you please. What game mode/platforms do I play? I play Bedwars...
  3. ExoCrafter123

    How to totally kill and annoy hackers

    First, go in a pvp with hen, found out their hits and style are weird/ differents? Well, run and block spam, gaps. Then the time has come, BOW SPAM! Bow till they are low! Then charge in with a sword! Of is a reach hacker, can do the same, but you can also lava or block glitch them. This tips...
  4. ExoCrafter123

    What happens when noob die to hacker or legit(pro) player

    What will the noobs do when they die to a hacker or legit(pro) player? 1.) After they die to a hacker or legit(pro) player, they decided to take revenge by reporting? NO, by hacking on them and getting themself ban instead of the actual hacker. 2.) They will go to the forum and false report...
  5. ExoCrafter123

    Bridging Guild

    Bridges Hello there! Before we get started into the tutorials/guild(which isn't claimed by me) you need to know there are the type of different bridges and what bridge are you suitable for doing. That bridges are Speed bridge/Ninja bridge, Breezily Bridge, God Bridge and MoonWalk. There are more...
  6. ExoCrafter123

    ExoCrafter123's Introductions

    Introduction; Hello there everyone! I'm ExoCrafter123. I've been playing on this server for a month+ now. I'm a pvp type player, so I like playing Bedwars, Skywars, PracticePvP and KitPvP, but I mostly stay on PracticePvP due I like staying there and I pvp a lot so yeah. My hobby is 2...
  7. ExoCrafter123

    Well Rip

    Gg bois!!! My PC is broken #HYPE!! but no seriously, my PC is broken due to some problems is getting fix on Wednesday or soon maybe buy a new one but nah. I will be inactive on jartex server once my PC is fix, I will be on practicepvp, KitPvP, bedwars and skywars. Wait why am I making this...
  8. ExoCrafter123

    Almost 1k kills

    I know this isn't anything special, but at least I almost at 1k kill, Let's go! Ps, I'm not famous xD 820kills and 180kills to go! And 381death GG