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  1. HristijanPlayz

    Important SkyBlock Dream - We need your help!

    Hmmmm well there is only one thing that i could think of and its making it no p2w so nons can hace a chance without buying shit ? If what u want is new players that is
  2. HristijanPlayz

    Update Factions - Reset | December The 21ST 2019

    How about you guys fix /tpa /tpaccept /home so you can use it in water and air ?
  3. HristijanPlayz

    Competition Factions - Faction Top Results | December the 14TH 2019

    Worst map ever and f shield in payout is the biggest bug but whatever
  4. HristijanPlayz

    Informative Factions | We are looking for your suggestions!

    EZ MAP There are suggestions on here that should be added.
  5. HristijanPlayz

    Important Factions - Reset | October The 19TH 2019

    1. "Fortified walls disable 1 shot" cannons making it even more time to raid a max base than it takes now making some bases even unraidable 2. "/f shield" this can be abused in many different ways like: - Start it up wheb a faction is setting up/ shooting. - Start it up 8h before the payout. -...
  6. HristijanPlayz

    Why I should be unblacklisted (Owler)

    I would give him a second chance if it was up to me but welp, i know owler and he is a really good guy. I would like to see him on SkyBlock Dream again :D
  7. HristijanPlayz

    Update SkyBlock Dream - Reset | July the 13th 2019

    UPDATED! Rene got a new car at spawn :rene: Well all my hype goes for this i can't wait to see the new car !! WE WANT FACTIONS RESET!
  8. HristijanPlayz

    Update SkyBlock Dream - Reset countdown!

    Sooo COOL i cant wait 4 days i am so hyped for the reset
  9. HristijanPlayz

    VoteTop Top Voters | August 2017

    GG To All